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  1. I agree on the Tahitian moon sand. I switched from course gravel to sand and the sand seems to make a barrier so the gunk does not sink down the way the gravel did so I can get it cleaner. I also run my fingers or a slotted spoon through it once a week so no air pockets turn into toxic gas. Plus, it is pretty!
  2. I was just stopping by to check on your new fish. I am sure you are in good hands with Chelsea. I just had a PH crash a few weeks ago and was also in the Prazi QT process and my fish did something similar. Darting and hovering. Checked the PH and I was like "oh no!" Have you ever tried Gold Buffer? I am not sure if you can use it with your crushed coral but I have had great luck with it stabilizing my PH at 7.6 on all three of my tanks. When I do a 100% water change I dose accordingly. Same with a 50%. It makes me feel like I have control over it. I am very happy with the product (although the main ingredient is simply balking soda.) It helped with the every other day water changes too. If you want some I would be happy to send you some. I just bought a few bottles to stock up.
  3. Just a little update, no pine coning any more and there is no visible pink or red. His little head is covered in a thin white film but it it not getting fuzzy and it seems some of the black scales are growing back. We are doing well on the Metro Meds and his tank buddy has stopped bottom sitting! He still seems totally unaffected by all this and behaves normally, so fins crossed! I think he is going to be fine with clean water and the meds. Do I do the metro meds for 14 days? Just for the record, we are on day four. They seem to really think they are tasty.
  4. I am not a moderator or expert but you need something bigger than five gallons for a goldfish, even a small one, because they poop so much your water will be full of ammonia very very quickly. People here always suggest getting a plastic container, usually from the company called Sterilite because they are made of food safe plastic and will not harm your fish. You can get a cheap one for about $15 bucks until you get your bigger tank. Also, do you have an air stone and a filter? Good luck with your fish! Everyone here is very helpful so you are in the right place!
  5. There was a thread a few weeks ago about these. A lot of people put them in their HOB's because the tops can not be submersed so they can only be partially submersed. As far as creating a cutting, hopefully someone good with plants can advise you. From the sounds of it, you fish seems to be quite opinionated about how she likes to decorate!
  6. Is el cheapo a new brand of filters? I thought they only made knock of designer purses n shoes, of which I am a big fan. Lol keep us updated!
  7. I'm not an expert but I am surprised you have nitrites and nitrates with a tank that has been only up for a few days. Did you use cycled media to get it started? Also, I would do a good water change because 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites is the best goal. I change my QT water every other day when the tank is uncycled. Also, every time I get a new fish, I keep the lights off on the tank for a few days to let them destress a little. You can also put a dark towel over part of the tank so the fish feels a bit more secure, helping reduce stress. I also try and put a bushy fake plant in there for the same reason. Not sure what is going on with your fish but it sure is cute!! Good luck!
  8. I love my Python. I think it is the best invention for water changes, it is not heavy or hard to use, as long as you can reach in to the tank you can clean the gravel. The user will have to have the dexterity to screw the connector on to a sink but it does not take any strength but you need to have decent finger movements. Some elderly people have arthritis that can make this hard. They are a little pricy but well worth the investment!
  9. Tres cute! And what a sweet husband you have that supports the addition of new fish!
  10. I am just getting in to fancies and I am curious too. I have one moor that looks everywhere but the right place for food. It is pretty funny and i feed one, wait until his mouth is full, then drop a few more pellets in for this gal. She hand feeds just fine. My commons however, seem to be really precise with locating food. Well, except for Mitch. He's oblivious to everything...new tank, new cone feeder with delicious blood worms, garlic sea weed...He's like "whatever bro." I think of him as a mellow surfer type.
  11. Ive never seen a triple tail either. Fancy! Shes beautiful!
  12. Thanks Alex! I know I'm in good hands with your help! When I started the thread I was thinking, WWAD (what would Alex do?) I think I am going to have those made on rubber wrist bands for everyone! We could have different colors for different mods! Then, in my mind, I seed you conferring with Boss Lisa about all your patients!!!
  13. That was helpful as I am thinking about starting up with plants but can't tell what from what. Nice tank!
  14. You are the fish whisperer! The are so cute! Nice pictures too. What kind of camera do you use? Is it wrong that I want to buy a fancy camera just to take pictures of my fish and dogs? I will reserve my point and shoot for humans!
  15. Woot woot! Pine coning gone yesterday! And apparently Metro Meds are delicious so no problems with getting them to eat! The white patch is still there but it looks "thinner" like it is healing. The buddy is back to normal. To be on the safe side and to avoid any ammonia issues, I am doing 100% water changes every other day and 25% alternately. Ugh, I am using buckets since I do not want to contaminate my python for my other tanks but we are lookig goo so far!
  16. Okay cool thanks! Slight freak out for a Devon there!!
  17. Hmm so I didn't feed anyone this morning because I overslept and bolted out the door. I didn't realize I have medigold and metro meds. Which one do I use? The are both from goldfish connection.
  18. I had that same issue with my last batch but it was the last serving in the bag and I thought it was me. It sort of set but won't hold together when it hits the water. I froze it in a huge brick and use a hammer to break off chunks. Strange.
  19. Okay so I know this is for fancies but my commons are on six years (I had one growing up for 19 years) with substrate and I had 5 in a 29 gallon tank. I have three left now in a 55 with sand. They eat blood worms pro gold veggies sea weed shrimp pellets gel food and spirulina flakes. I try to keep the protien light some they are older and no longer growing. They look amazing since starting on the pro gold
  20. I love it when it's right after they ate ugh...then my little dog tried to zoom in and "clean up" after him....nasty! At least I'm not the only one
  21. Thanks for doing the math for me! Ill start them today. Tey looked pretty good this morning.
  22. Okay we are salt free and there is no change in pine coming. Still looks the same as he did today so the pic is accurate. The buddy, Kingsley, seemed to be bottom sitting when I got home but perked up after a few. He's never done that before. He has no pine coming but I could not get a good pic ill try tomorrow. Retested the water prior to the water change and I have 0.5 ammonia. The water change n double prime should fix that. They are both 5/8 oz which is up from 1/4 that they were on July 1st. That's not really relevant but what the heck. I'm hesitant with the bottom sitting to put Kingsley in the big tank with the healthy guys now that I saw the bottom sitting. I may go out n get another tank tomorrow so I can separate them for treatment. How many metro pellets would you recommend daily? I assume just for the pine come guy. I can start in the morning. He ate well tonight so I think I won't have a problem getting them in him. Thanks for the help Alex. Now I have to go clean up dog barf from my 17 year old chihuahua my pets are not going to let me sleep tonight I can tell!
  23. Yikes! I didnt notice that until I looked back at the photo! Okay, I think I will just set up a new QT for tonight. Is it harmful to take them out of the salted water without slowly reducing it? Or can I just swap him right into clean water? I will weigh him tonight too and post back. Do you want a pic of the buddy? Ah! My two jobs are getting in the way of me taking care of my fish!!! I should be home in a few hours and I will get cracking.
  24. Seriously ....those faces! I can never copy my fish's personalities. I need a better camera!
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