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  1. Hey I am hiring full time not great pay (13/hr) to start full medical benefits for full time and if you work the swing shift you can do homework at work. I am also hiring on call weekend and sort of as needed if you need a little side job. It is corporate security work for amazon and its inside its clean and the only down side is the polyester uniform pants. Not too bad of a commute for you and will maybe easy with your school stuff. Keep your tanks pm me and I'll make you some money. My boss quit so I am in charge of every thing for a few weeks and would love to help you keep your fish, at least until I have room for them at my house! Plus I have like 60 male officers and I'm a little tired of being only one of a few girls there!
  2. That one you linked to has cool led lights but the bubble feature gets clogged after a few months and it really doesn't provide much surface agitation for aeration. I have two and I eventually removed the bubble wand and only use the led lights at night.
  3. You guys work together? That's so cool! Lol no we don't but Bubbles posted here with some beautiful fish photos from her pond and then I was surfing craigslist and she had posted about selling them with the same photos and I just couldn't resist! They are the healthiest fish and have awesome personalities which speak to her fish keeping skills. I have recruited a few co workers into my goldfish obsession which is nice because I can give away some of my fish tanks to people who will put them to good use. I'm like a drug pusher too since I bring everyone samples of new gold fish food I buy in little baggies for my friends!
  4. If you can corral it you can use a small fine mesh fish net to sort of push it in and scoop it out or, my favorite, suck it up with a turkey baster. I have a fish only turkey baster because every time I clean the bottom of a tank, someone poops and I find myself yelling "can't you keep you tank clean for even one minute!!!" but no one listens.
  5. All my cell phone pics are coming out cruddy but just an update, we're coming along. I stopped the metro meds after 18 days and we are healing nicely but a bit slowly. Hoping for a full recovery! Pics soon I promise. I have to stop forgetting my camera at work.
  6. I recently had a crash after using kordon water conditioner instead of prime. Never happened before that. I hope our fish gets better!
  7. Totally a tooth! I have about thirty of them and the teeth from my 13 inch common could pass for a human vampire baby tooth. I'm pulling for Stella!
  8. OMG I want that fish!! Really need one as it would round out my collection.
  9. I will look around since I am in the Bay Area. I will have a 55 gallon tank available in the next month and a half if you would rather get a bigger tank! Let me know!
  10. Yeah fry! I was reading an article at stated "fry ( that's what goldfish nerds call baby fish)" and for a moment I was offended and hen quickly became okay with being a old fish nerd. Lol
  11. Hope your fish feels better. I love commons and yours are beautiful! Plus you tank reading record leeping is amazing!
  12. He looks like he is getting better! Fins crossed!!!
  13. I'm not a mod but 12 gallons is awful small for two fish. They are beautiful I hope they feel better!
  14. That betta has a bigger place then my apartment! Look great!
  15. I am so excited to see what happens! What an adventure! I have two potential adoptive parents at work when you get there!
  16. Oooh hes so cute! That combines my two favorite fish!
  17. I will post pictures tomorrow but I have reached the two week mark for metro meds. He looks good, no more pine conning but the white stuff is still there. His tank mate looks great and neither of them have any unusual behavior. The white stuff is slowly disappearing. Should I do another week of metro meds or switch to jump start. I'm still doing 100% water changes every day and I am happy with the progression. He had a little growth spurt too and is catching up to his buddy.
  18. I am not an expert at all but I have had an on going nitrate problem when I had seven huge commons in a 29 gallon (before I new any better) with only monthly water changes and lost four over the course of a year. The fish I lost all had the same symptoms as your fish. I then found Kokos', got a test kit and I think they had been living in 120ppm nitrates for some time. Yikes! Now, with three still with me, I religiously do 50% water changes twice a week (and got them a huge tank and tons of filters.) My point is, clean water (with low nitrates) really made them thrive! You are in good hands here and I hope your fish feels better!
  19. Yeah!! So, given your fish keeping skills I have high hopes so CONGRATS! Might I raise my hand and state that at anytime if you end up with too many teles (especially the calico variety) I will gladly go out and buy another tank and start the adoption process! Steve and Eleanor (that's what I named your fish) are doing so well, have such awesome personalities and are so healthy that I would gladly make room for more! Plus,what's one more fish tank right!!?! Good luck with your new arrivals. I can't wait for pics!
  20. Your fish is adorable! Hope he gets well soon. You are in good hands here.
  21. I think I'm going to get one. I was looking at the Eheim so you changed my mind. I work long hours like xjasmin and this wold help my little guys a lot with small frequent meals thanks for the info
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