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    Willy Dean, going on seventeen, had a busy day. Apparently he is quite good at staying alert as you can tell by his ear being in the "I'm ready for anything" position. Too bad he can hardly hear and can no longer stay awake or more than thirty minutes at a time. He is my soul mate. And he fell asleep watching the fish tank.
  2. mermaidkitten
    So one of my little Moors that I had in QT since July 1st died the other day. One day it was just hanging around mid tank spacing out (very unusual since they are really quite busy little guys) so I removed her (?) to a 10 gallon bin so I could salt her to .3% and give her some time to not be pestered by the other one. She had no outward signs of illness and was eating and acting just fine until the day before she died. She was not very healthy when I got her (skinny, frayed fins) but was progressing nicely. I am sad but not surprised. She passed away on a little plastic leaf and looked quite peaceful. The other one is fattening up and is quite active and, very mischievous. He has a little Ryukin type hump developing and it is cool to see his "this in my serious food foraging face" paired with his little cute little waddle. It is like a four foot man coming up to me (six feet tall barefoot) and telling me he's going to kick my rear end....go ahead, try it! I think I have a future tough guy in my hands regardless of how large he gets. In the mean time, I was debating how I was going to stock my new 55 gallon tank when I found the perfect Craigslist add. Needless to say I came home Sunday with a little butterfly telescope and a new black moor. Even better, the poster was a Koko's member so I know they have been loved and looked after. They are in QT now and have settled in nicely. These two are beautiful! They both have perfect tails and are very social. They managed the car ride home just fine (a whopping 15 minutes) and settled into their 30 gallon QT nicely. I think I could actually her them chatting:
    Moor: What is this new place?
    Calico: I don't know do you think there is food here?
    Moor: But where are we? It smells different?
    Calico: Do you think they have any shrimp pellets?
    Moor: Can we check things out before you think about your stomach?
    Calico: I need a snack before I do anything else....
    I will introduce everyone after they are Prazied and set up in the new 55 gallon which will be in a month. Plus, I need a better camera, my current one does not capture wiggling fish very well.
    Here is the little one that passed, as I think she should be honored and another one of the two new fish, being a bit indecent, and a nicer shot to show how lovely they are. Maybe I have my hands full. These telescopes all seem a bit mischievous! Enjoy!

  3. mermaidkitten
    I have always felt that I am a common girl. Okay that's quite far from the truth in terms of personality because I am often described as "quirky" or "eccentric" and (behind my back I am sure) just plain strange. In a lovable way, of course! But, in terms of goldfish I have only ever had commons. I had one for 20 years and when I was a teenager, I had three fish tanks in my little bedroom (and two rat cages but that is a whole different blog.) I had one fancy fish for about one day and it died right away. I always felt that the fancy fish were beyond my taste and ability. Now that I have moved my commons from my bedroom to the living room, in their 55 gallon tank, I realize that my bedroom is sort of quite and lonely. Okay, not that lonely, since I am surrounded by dogs at all times, but finned loneliness.I have wanted to get some black moors for some time and have been casing the local chain store deciding on which fish to pick. Every other day there were fewer and fewer of them. Last week I was talking to "my fish guy" there and he told me they were having a hard time keeping them alive. One look a the tank and there was the classic over stocked and complete encyclopedia of goldfish illnesses. They were down to three moors. I was only planning on two but the sort of brown one with gold dragon type eyes was not looking so good. I already had the QT tank cleaned and ready to go so they came home with me. I have had them for a week and oh my are they different than commons. First of all, they are little (about an inch and a half) and all three are so excitable and curious. They swim funny, by my standards, with their little shimmy. They love searching the bottom of the tank. They follow each other around like a little gang. They love food. Their little mouths are so darn cute I just can't stand it. When they sleep they look as if they are suspended in air, blissfully. They are in the Prazi/salt process and even after a day or two they have started to look healthier, fins not torn, white spots gone. I just can't wait to get them into their new Zen themed tank. So, instroducing my first time, not so common moors...It's a little blurry but THEY NEVER STOP MOVING!!! I have added a pic of my not so common commons as well. Jumbo and Bumps are visible, Midge is blocked by Jumbo's 13" of pure fish!

  4. mermaidkitten
    I dream about fish at least once a week. I rarely remember dreaming about anything else. With my constant bouts of insomnia I lay with the lights out just watching my goldfish, wanting for sleeping and welcoming dreams. Sometimes the fish dreams are relaxing and I wake up feeling centered and content. Sometimes they are upsetting the residue after waking is panic and upset. Either way, why always fish?
    When I have the relaxing dreams, I can feel the cool of the water, the sensation of another goldfish tail across my side, the desire to simply swim and be. They are mostly from the perspective of the fish. Plot-less yet fulfilling.
    The unsettling dreams involve some type of rescue of an exotic fish. The glowing strange shaped fish in a dark tank in a basement that I am attracted to and want to save but terrified of at the same time. And it talks, but only to me and not in words.
    There is the other one that actually wakes me up. My dad and I walking through some Arizona desert into an abandoned adobe style house, open and tumble weeds throughout. It looks as if a pet store was also abandoned as there are algae dried tanks placed in rows. We think “how sad” until he spots the little flicker of life of a dried up white fish of some type. We pour and pour water into the tanks until they are revived to lush fish tanks of exotic fish, but they all look happy but haunted and angry and odd, as if resurrected. The feeling it leaves me with is chilling. And, I have never been to Arizona in my life….
    I have had these dreams my whole life. Why fish? Is it because I am a Pisces? That for as long as I remember I have had (at least one) a fish tank in my bedroom? That my daily wax and wane is always to a tank full of goldfish?
    Was I a fish in another life?
    Fish Dream Meaning
    Psychological Meaning: Fish can represent insights into the unconscious. (The unconscious is represented by the sea). Jung said that fish are often symbols used by the dream to describe psychic happenings or experiences that suddenly dart out of the unconscious and have a frightening or redeeming effect. Fish caught in a net and brought to the surface may represent insights emerging into the light of consciousness. Fish are also a common symbol of fertility. Your dream may be indicating that you are experiencing a period of personal growth. Fish are a product of the emotions and intuition as opposed to the materialistic earthbound approach to life.
    Mystical Meaning: A fish is a symbol for Christ and they have also been used as a symbol by many other religions to represent divinity. They are the spiritual abundance that feeds everyone. Your dream may be a mystical insight into your divine potential.
    Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
    Dream interpretation for Fish Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright
    Photo Credit:
    Greene and Blue Fish by Georgie Greene
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