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  1. Added a little to the pile just to show my deep appreciation for all of the emergency help with my fish and to vastly improve my fishkeeping skills! So grateful for this forum! Keep up the good work!
  2. I hope everyone had a great holiday! Thanks for the tips. Ned is looking great, eating like a champ, and is settling in in his new tank while he grows. His gils actually look normal now that I realized he is still a bit see through with fry color. Indulge me a few pictures because I can not get over how cute he is! How often should I be feeding him? And is higher protein better for small fish? So far he has eaten gel food as a staple like the rest of my fish, he has had blood worms (that did not last long), and brine shrimp. I think I am under feeding him a bit and was wondering if upping from two to three or four small meals will be okay. My boyfriend is off for two weeks and I can make him a fish nanny to assist with extra feedings.
  3. Thanks Chelsea! As always, you are a rock star!!! - Maja
  4. Hi All, It has been a while since I have posted anything since my fish have been so healthy and happy thanks to all the things i have learned here. My telescopes (one female and two males) lay eggs often and I have never had any luck with them. I usually just let the eggs turn to snacks now since I am not permitted any more fishtanks, per my boyfriend (four tanks is really not a lot in my opinion!) So I have admittedly not cleaned out my canister filters in er,,,, three months or more. Once I removed the top sponge, I went to dump my media into a bucket for a rinse and there was a 1"-1.5" silver colored goldfish laying on the pebbles. I sort of screamed and called my boyfriend over to look (while I hid in the hall) at the dead fish in my filter. He went to remove it and.....it was alive!!! Ever seen that TV show "I didn't know I was pregnant?" It was like that...sort of!!! So, now I have a brand new baby butterfly telescope, that based on some internet research, is about ten to twelve weeks old. He is quite large and I am baffled that he had survived in there so get to the size he is. He has a straight spine, his mouth is perfect, all the fingers and fins are accounted for. He is pooping normally (although oddly, quite a bit), and this morning he ate some gel food (I figure that is what he has been living on...in the filter!) He must have hatched in the filter or the egg hatched and was sucked into the filter and I assume he has been swimming around in the top two inches of water that the filter permits. So, now what? I have him in a five gallon bucket with some algae covered anubius and an airstone and he seems happy as a clam. But, I have some questions... 1) will a sponge filter work for a while? I plan on keeping him in a tub for a few months to let him grow out a bit and make water changes easier. If so, how do you seed a sponge filter for proper cycling, or is this not needed. I think I will do water changes every other day and then every three days so I am not sure if I need a cycled temp tank. 2) Should I salt him? Just in case he has any injuries? He looks totally un injured, his gills are a bit pink underneath, and he seems a bit pale to me but he has been living in total darkness so that should change soon. 3) Is it safe and should I prazi him? I am due for my bi annual pratzi on all my tanks so I have plenty on hand (in which case he would get the salt with the treatment. 4) I add baking soda to my tanks to stabilize the PH. I did the calculations so long ago that I have no idea how to prep the water for smaller volumes to ensure that it matches the PH from the big tank. I used a table from Alex to calculate. Can anyone point me in the direction of that table? I want to prep five gallons and eventually a ten gallon and will do frequent water changes so I want to buffer my water properly to avoid any stress on this guy. By the way, I believe the parents are my beautiful chocolate tele (who is turning orange) that has the most divine tail and my huge black moor, who is very handsome (although a big bully) since the other male has a much shorter/whider tail than the baby. I will post pics sometime today since I am so proud, and still a little freaked out, about the whole thing. you can also check him out on Instagram (Me: goldfishgirly) Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Now lets just hope I don't open my purse and find a puppy! I have not cleaned that out in a few moths either.
  5. I hope your fish feels better he is adorable!
  6. If your ryukin hoes missing don't come looking at my house! Your fish are beautiful!
  7. I am sure a mod will be along to help you soon. I hope your fish feels better! She is really beautiful!
  8. I hope your fish feel better! I had seven large commons in a 29 gallon tank for five years. I started losing them and when I was down to four, I found Koko's and really learned to take care of my fish. I read your troubles and I had all the same issues that you are having until I upgraded to a much larger tank and finally got my nitrates under control and Alex helped me stabilize my PH. A nice Python for water changes and a used 55 gallon tank were the best things I did for them. I still do twice weekly water changes for my commons because they are so much larger and poop so much more than my fancies. You are in great hands here!!!
  9. I hope your fish feels better. Yeah you for having commons! I love them they are so smart!
  10. I think Jenny of the Solid Gold blog did a photo comparison of one of her teles showing the food promoted change in color. I thought it was interesting but a small price to pay for feeding them such healthy food! My commons have been getting more orange now that I have been leaving the curtains open more. I think it is sort of like them having a sun tan!
  11. Congratulations! I can't wait to see how they come along!!
  12. I had used Algae Fix (API maybe) once and I under dosed it. It made my fish appear as if they were drunk and I had to do a complete water change immediately. I battle green algae but found wiping it off once a week, limiting the time my lights are on to 8 hours a day only, and keeping curtains on my windows really helped. I do leave the algae on the back of the glass. My teles sort of lick it off (ar at least that's what it looks like they are doing.) I also get a strange sheet of it on the lids of my tank that is like a giant dried up piece of seaweed and I just peel it off. I am not sure why that happens on only one of my tanks. It seems harmless enough.
  13. They are my favorite. They seem to have more personality than any of my fish. Adorable!
  14. Good choice to not add another. I have three commons in a 55 and they are currently 14" 10" and 9" so they get with big and I will end up with a 75 pretty soon. Also, mine are very destructive. Every plant has been eaten in a matter of hours and peas and blood worms last mere seconds. They are powerful and precise swimmers and see very well so nothing is safe! It is interesting to see the difference between my commons and my poor little telescopes who, with their limited ability to see, have to really search for their food!
  15. Congratulations!
  16. Would you like a photo of my carnival goldfish? She started with a ten gallon tank and seven pals about six years ago. I lost all but three to miseducation and over stocking. Now she's nearly fourteen inches and in a 55 with her two remaining buddies...never had a clue she'd get that big and I'm getting a 75 on payday so she has more room! She's a good example of how large fish get. I would check out Tithras you tube videos and flash of pink videos for inspiration. I learned so much from both of them, from setting up a tank to feeding to getting the right air stones. Don't forget about their personalities! I think that is what makes us keep working so hard to keep them healthy. I think there was a thread about why we like goldfish a few months back and that was the general consensus. People don't believe me until I force them to watch my fish videos! Good luck!
  17. Me too! Most of my officers are students and its a nice job while in college. Plus, we have a lot of fun. And if she does sell her fish I bought two teles from her in the past and I can vouch that they were in the best of health and they have turned out to be my favorite fish with tons of personality! They are also the most beautiful fish I have! So if someone buys her they are getting a great deal.
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