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  1. beautiful! I lol'd at the reactions
  2. So last week I decided to take the kids to the LFS just to look around and find a veggie clip for the comets and they had just received a fresh shipment of baby orandas. I texted my DH a pic and he was like "run away!" After he came home from work he said well what are you waiting for, let's go rescue your fish. This little guy/girl (no idea) is about an inch long and we are calling him/her Jacques because one of my kids said he looks like he's wearing a tiny red cap/beret. First week of QT has been smooth sailing.
  3. my white comet has the button eyes - they are a little freaky imo
  4. haha would you believe it was the original home for 3(!) goldies? now I know better!
  5. Found some nerite snails at the LFS and decided to bring one home to help with the diatom bloom we're having. She is pretty small but larger than the goldies' mouths so we should be good to go in a couple of weeks. Here she is in her QT:
  6. Thanks everyone We really enjoy the fish! Here's a full tank shot -
  7. Here are my 3 commons - the little orange one is Dorothy, the big one is Nemo, and the white one who begs for food 24/7 is Princess (my 4 year old named them and chose the decor for the tank)
  8. Adorable that they hide together in the shells! Very peaceful tank.
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