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  1. Ok so really what I'm asking is how does flow-rate affect Biofiltration but apparently different factors affect it. Is there any more information about this topic?
  2. How does the filtration flowrate speed affect the filtration of the water? Does a faster flowrate mean it is better or worse for the filter bacteria to grow? How does the speed affect the bacteria growth and why is basically is what I'm asking?
  3. hi if i run 2 internal filters will this increase the beneficial bacteria population in both filters so I can break twice as much ammonia in the tank?
  4. Hi is ammonia a gas or liquid when released in aquarium water?
  5. it is a common terracotta coloured plastic plant pot you can see millions of these in gardens and garden centres around the world. aren't they theoretically all the same plastic? they are injection moulded plant pots. i read that most plant pots are made from polypropylene is this tank safe material?
  6. i read that the filter inlet and outlet are made of plastic and don't leech anything into the tank unless you forcefully degrade it. also we drink from plastic cups so i can't see any real problem. so i'm hoping it will be ok.
  7. Hi I have quite a few used common red-brownish Plastic plant pots in my garage and I want to use one in my fish tank. I have scrubbed it with soap and then rinsed it several times and soaked it overnight in near boiling hot water. I have been observing that when I soak it there is fine particles or dust that comes out under the hot water. But when soaking it in cold water there is nothing. Please can you let me know whether it is safe I don't think its paint coming off but dust? It can't be paint because when I take the pot out the water is crystal clear no red-brownish colour remains in the white bucket. picture: http://www.plantpotsdirect.com/plant-pots/9cm-round-plant-pot-injection-moulded.html Please let me know. I am not using bleach ever again after bad experiences in the past.
  8. I have read different articles online about suitable temperatures. I wanted to ask if the temperature be increased beyond 25 degrees Celsius for Ranchu, fantails, lionheads, red caps etc. Can they be kept at tropical temperatures with tropical tank mates? Please let me know I am intending to mix fancy goldfish with tropicals. thanks
  9. Hi I've been using small internal filters for years now and they only contain large sponges. My question is are these adequate enough to do both mechanical and biological filtration or should I be using other media like rings and stars? Also can I run 2 small internal filters in the same aquarium to increase beneficial bacteria growth? Will this actually work to help filter out a lot of ammonia?
  10. If I leave the ammonia for 3-4 weeks will this break down into anything more toxic than just ammonia? I am cycling my filter in another tank right now. Should I do a water change before putting the filter sponge back in or will it be ok to start eating the ammonia once I put it back in. How long should I wait for ammonia to clear up before putting fish in.
  11. Hi how do you know if certain ornaments that are sold for aquariums are completely safe? I have brand new and old ones still laying around from over the years. How do you know if they are still safe and won't affect the water quality and illness related diseases? I read some funny stories before where ornaments have caused ich and other funny unexpected symptoms of diseases but when those ornaments were taken out the fish returned back to normal. Is this true?
  12. What happens if I put fish food into a new aquarium without a filter and let it sit for a few weeks. What will happen to the water? This happened by accident in my case because I took the filter sponge out to cycle it in another established tank and left the food to sit in the new aquarium. Anyway what is ammonia in fish food is it the flake particle itself or the gaseous substances stuff released from it?
  13. To speed up the nitrogen cycle in the aquarium what speeds up the cycle other than just adding ammonia? What key factors play a part in this? Also why does an already established filter medium with bacteria in it regenerate bacteria growth faster in a additional sponge added to the filter? your thoughts appreciated
  14. Ok I have put 2 sponges into the cycled aquarium filter and will keep them there for around 2-3 weeks. Do I have to put the sponge side by side or one on top and the other on the bottom for the bacteria to colonise more quickly? I don't see how much quicker the sponge will grow de-nitrifying bacteria by it being in there with the other one. Can someone explain this concept to me?
  15. If i put a clean uncycled sponge into an established aquarium filter with the already cycled sponge and leave it there for a period of time how long should it take to grow sufficient bacteria and become fully cycled like the current sponge?
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