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  1. Looking good DP. Why is there no newspaper, coffee and breakfast on a tabke on that deck? Lol Best place to be at start of the day is by the pond.
  2. Perhaps someone needs to come up with a "Forum Decorum" thread. I skimmed thru this thread and i say ccongrats to DP on finding someone. Ok so she "treats goldfish badly" according to us. Dedicated goldfish owners. But to the average Joe what she had done is acceptable. Everywhere you look on tv magazines etc etc you see goldfish in a bowl. So she thinks its right. Bit attacking someone about it will just scare them off, they wont listen to a thing you say and just discount you as "that crazy person". If you're passionate about something that's great. But do remember. Not everyone shares your views. So you need to cut some slack and try to slowly and non offensively educate them. Telling someone they're horrible and that they're a bad pet owner isnt going to get you very far nor help the pets. Its comments like some that i saw above that keeps alot of people away from forums. Being told the new (super expensive) tank they just bought is crap and useless and they're not fit to own fish etc is not going to make them all of a sudden go out and buy a 200gallon 8 foot tank for what some people see as a bunch of $1 fish for their kids. You need to go about it the right way. Dont forget everything said here is visible to the public eye on google. So bickering and arguing between each other does not do tje forum anygood. Nor the uniformed average fish owner. I wont tell you how many people ive spoken to that have told ne to steer clear of this forum due the "Crazy psycho's" on here. I just tell them its a bunch of passionate fish owners. But yes a Sticky/pinned "Forum Decorum" thread note may be needed to explain to people how to talk to other members and new comers etc in each section and also explain how to approach and explain to the uneducated on how to help them without offending them. The idea is to help the forum grow. Not shrink into non-existence. Apologies for the rant. Best of luck DP.
  3. Sorry been MIA again due to health. Things been moving slowly. Almost have all the tanks in position. Most now have a drain to assist with water changes. Had an issue in the pond area where one decided to leak so was a major job moving everything to get the leaky one out. So whike at it put another one in aswell. So now have 9 down the side accessed from the fish room. (Not including the minnow pond) Also in the middle of a revamp on my main pond filtration setup. Finally got my air manifold done in the fish room so now it runs entirely on air inc my ponds out the side. This is all done by one air pump so less power cords and alot less power consumption. Once my health improves and i get on top of things again ill try to get some new pics done atm its a war zone and no room anywhere to even move..... Joys of trying to sort everything out and putting it all into labeled storage boxes so i dont lose track of it all.
  4. Once it gets its knickers untied ill try it again. Lol Slowly been getting tanks in place etc. But weather here has been horrible stinking hot one minute. Pouring the next.... And had some more health issues again so more delays..... But its sloooooooowly coming together.
  5. Tried to upload some pics today. But "photorubbish" is once again having a spaz attack....
  6. Atm. Alot of it is floating on the surface.... The fish pick at it but not enough to consume it all. Not sure if it will eventually sink or dissolve. .. I will have to look into this a bit more.... I have been told to place it straight into the media area of my filter? ?
  7. Ok thanks for that. Ill probably avoid the vodka then lol. Saves me buying any as i dont drink at all lol. The praziquantel powder i have says to use at 10gms per 1000gal of water. Which equates to approx 3,800Litres So 1gm per 380L Being a powder its already crushed. So ill just have to mix with some warm water.
  8. Lately ive had problems sourcing prazi pro etc. So ive been looking for an alternative for fluke treatment etc. I was told to use straight praziquantel powder. Ok. But i then hear its quite hard to dissolve etc. And some say to use a formalin solution? Or even vodka?? Whats anyone elses take on this? Has anyone here used it? If so what ratio are you using it at Tia
  9. How big is this fish? Could be still going through it's colour change. You may end up with an all orange fish or an orange/white one? Unfortunately with goldfish the colour isn't always a "given". Ive seen quite large goldfish (10cm body) all of a sudden go into a colour change once they're in a different tank/pond. Many things can affect this. Temp, food, water, light, tank setup (substrate,barebottom etc) Its one of the joys of goldfish. I can't see any fungi in the pics. It actually looks like the black pigment is changing /receding. But that's just an opinion. Keep an eye on it, being a new fish and all.
  10. I don't think anyone ever takes a quick trip to Bunnings. It's looking really good! Yeah and make things worse. I dis the 3 today... Bunnings Masters And stratco... Ouch lol
  11. A "quick trip" to bunnings. ...... Aaaand $300+ on plastic storage boxes.... lol
  12. No i forgot to take a pic b4 i rolled it up and packed it away for safety. Ill grab one when i get it out again. Ive now also decided to makes space somewhere for my "library" so i have my fish books close at hand.
  13. Ill be glad to have it all finished. Should be a cool area to hang out in if i get it all done right. My brother got me a really cool goldfish poster showing a heap of different breeds of goldfish. And small description of them. So now ill have to find a frame for it to go it so it doesn't get damaged. Hopefully get a bit more done over the weekend..... but as usual here in Australia it cools a bit mid week then goes to inferno temp for the weekends Managed to get my air manifold loop up last weekend and ran most the airlines down to where the tanks will be on the racks. And made the hole through the wall so the air manifold can continue outside to run the grow out ponds. This "should" all run off the one air pump now hopefully. So can put my other 2 away as spares. Will keep electricity bill down abit i hope and if a black out no issues with filter start ups. (Stuck impellers etc) Might go down from 2.5kwh to 200watts... see what happens.
  14. I guess it would depend on what you're doing with it?? How many outlets you want. An how many tanks you wish to run. And what depth.
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