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  1. Wow, Julie has the most beautiful white scales now. Gorgeous! And thank you, everyone. He's such a spunky little thing. So happy I found him.
  2. I went into the local pet store to buy some of my favorite goldfish pellet food (which they didn't have ) and I came out with this little guy! He's a baby Blue Oranda, and I just couldn't resist! I have never seen one that looked this good in a pet store before. His coloring, the fact that I can actually see blue in him, instead of just a bronzy brown color, is what really caught my eye. I really hope he doesn't depigment later on. But, as pet store goldfish don't have the purest of genes, I have a feeling he might, but that's fine too. My Red Cap Oranda, that I bought from the same store, is now all white, and I still love him . His color seems pretty solid for right now, but, any thoughts? Anyone ever have a Blue Oranda that depigmented to another color? He does have a little bit of wen growth, which is pretty hard to see, and even harder to see in this picture, but it is there! Here he is again, facing the other way so you can see his other side, although it is pretty blurry. He's in the quarantine tank for the moment, and he gets to stare longingly at the main tank all day. You can see my beautiful Black Oranda, Big Momma, showing off in the background there. As well as the once Red Cap now White Oranda mentioned above, and my Sakura Ranchu. Can even see a little Nerite snail on the side there! I was so excited, just thought I'd share! Can't wait to get him in the big tank.
  3. The FunFoam is a good idea. Thank you. And I will definitely be posting some pictures! Have some new fish and a Fluval 306 canister on the way. Super excited!
  4. Thank you all, for the feedback. This has been very helpful. The tank does have that center brace for the bottom glass pane. The glass is definitely already supported by the black frame. I was just worried that there might be some undesirable side effects from not having that plastic black frame supported by the stand all the way around. I think I might cut a sheet of styrofoam down to size so that only the black frame would have that extra support and not any of the glass, just to be safe. Thanks again, everyone! I'm glad that I signed up for Koko's. It's wonderful being able to come here and ask questions. <3
  5. Phew. Thank you, ChelseaM. You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that I'm not the only one with this issue, lol. I did tighten the bolts as best as I could. I even had my big and strong father help me out. If your tanks are doing well, I can put my mind at ease. I had a 29 gallon sitting on a dresser and it had about the same issues, except on a smaller scale, and I had no problem with leaks or anything there. I just worried, because 650 pounds is a lot to hold, and I would hate to see that much water eventually end up on my floor, haha. But thank you, very much, for the reassurance. I do feel a lot better.
  6. I took two more pictures. I hope these can give you a better idea of the problem. I don't know. Maybe I'm worried about nothing? After all, the corners are supported. Still, I have read that the entire base of a glass aquarium should be fully supported to avoid putting stress on the base in odd places. Perhaps a styrofoam sheet under that base might fill the gap and offer support?
  7. I just bought a 55 gallon, steel aquarium stand from Petco. I set it up today, and was incredibly excited to start filling up my tank, but now I am terrified to do so. I noticed that there is a HUGE gap between the bottom of my tank and the stand. The corners of the tank fit flush against the little foam stickers that came in the package that the instructions tell you to place in each corner, but the center of the tank is up in the air. I even took those stickers off, and the corners of the tank were then flush with tank stand itself, but then I noticed that the tank was a little wobbly on the stand, and the gap was still there. This gap is the same on both sides. I can see straight through the gap to my wall on the other side, as seen in this picture. I don't know what to do. Will this put strange stress on the base of my aquarium and eventually cause it to leak, or crack, or even shatter altogether? How will this effect my tank in the long run, and what can I do to prevent any future catastrophic events? I just got this stand... should I take it back and try something else? I'm really worried, and completely at a loss. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. This was a very educational and interesting video to watch. An awesome thing to remember if I ever need to do this in the future! I'd have those same fears of tearing the gill covers off, and whatnot as well. Wonderful solution. Thanks, so much, for the vid!
  9. I suspected as much about not really being a Blue colored Oranda. I'll definitely have to pick up some Hikari Oranda on my next trip out, though. Hikari is good stuff. Thank you all for the advice!
  10. Thank, very much, for fixing them for me, yafashelli! And thanks for the input. I have to remind myself that patience pays off. These are my only three Goldies at the moment, so they'll be pretty spoiled!
  11. Hello, my fellow Goldfish enthusiasts! Though I've been on this site many times looking for answers, this is my first post. I've mostly only ever raised Ryukins and Telescope Eye Goldfish, but, on one of my trips through the pet store, I ran across this beautiful Red Cap Oranda, with a very pronounced wen, a healthy, full body, and wonderfully bright coloring. I just HAD to have him, so I brought him home and decided I had to have another. So, a couple weeks ago, I went to my local fish store and had two Fancy Goldies, one a Panda Moor, and the other a Blue Oranda, special ordered for me from the store's preferred breeder. They are both very young, especially the Panda, who is so cute and tiny I almost can't believe it. But, the Blue Oranda concerns me. Now, I realize that he is still a youngster, but even at such a young stage, shouldn't he slightly resemble an Oranda? Right now, he is very streamlined, his scales are a muddy brown color, and he has absolutely no wen growth at all. I'm new to Orandas in general, so my confusion might just stem from having little knowledge of Oranda growth and development, but I can't help feeling that I might have gotten a little jipped. Perhaps I'm just too closely comparing him to my already beautiful Red Cap, who, coincidentally, is nearly the same size as my Blue Oranda. Will he eventually grow into the beautiful Blue Oranda that he is supposed to be, or did he just inherit some bad genes? Either way, I will love him. He's my little ugly duckling. But, I'm also curious as to might there be anything that I can do for him or feed to him that might enhance his wen growth? I've read that Blood worms might help him out in that department, but what do you think? I've included some pictures of him next to my Red Cap. Some of them are blurry. Sorry about that :x Also, don't mind the ugly background behind my tank. I had their tank on the floor as I prepared their new 55 gallon home. Any thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are more than welcome!
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