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  1. Chai's post in The fun never ends. Possible constipation issue. :/ was marked as the answer   
    Just like a person cannot live off of those things, they can't either. Have you tried New Life Spectrum foods? I noticed I had the least problems on Thera A 1mm pellets with my goldfish AND my betta that are prone to floating.
    If you would like to try it, I'm sure I could ship you a sampling of it.
    I also have Saki Hikari.
  2. Chai's post in Best Water Changers? was marked as the answer   
    I use this as well.
  3. Chai's post in Sand was marked as the answer   
    The filter should clear it up in time. It's only an aesthetic issue, the fish will not mind.
  4. Chai's post in New 14G tank - What can I add? was marked as the answer   
    I'd advise against any other fish as goldfish alone should have about 15g a fish, but I deeeeeeefinitely suggest plants until you can upgrade it for him.
    Anubias are one of the easiest to maintain and they're very low demanding.
  5. Chai's post in Ezzie - From sand ingestion to pineconing. was marked as the answer   
    you are all such wonderful people, thank you for your support. It means a lot
    Looks like I can mark the thread as "solved"... But not exactly how it should have been. Rest in peace, my angel.
    I will miss your presence so much, you were an amazing little man.
  6. Chai's post in Kokos Caring and Sharing Raffle Winner was marked as the answer   
    Congratulations! Hope you'll decide to continue to stick around with us!
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