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  1. Hope it all works out, glad you got through to her. Sometimes seeing the reality from a chemical perspective can help people because of what we've learned throughout our lives. The assumptions she had based on the dangers of Nitrates on people was just enough to pass into the dangers of what it can do for her fish. The same as thinking about ammonia, a common household cleaning product. It's not something you want a living being swimming through, which is how one of the guys at my previous LFS explained it to a woman which got through to her right away.
  2. Stunning fish,nice to see how well-filtered each tank is.
  3. Spooky fish tank, eek! Here I am feeling bad keeping two babies in a 10g for quarantine but YIKES!!! Seems like maybe she doesn't want to change. If I saw your fish and you told me "they're also goldfish" i'd be inclined to believe I need an upgrade or to find a more suitable owner, but maybe she'd shrug it off and blame it on "too much food". Had a pet store person ask me "what are you feeding? HOW MUCH are you feeding for them to be that big?!?" meanwhile I'm over here thinking that all I've done is take good care of them.. Not exactly stuffing em like turkeys or somethin'...
  4. Oh my sgshsksjgdshshhs I love this fish. ___ Does he just spend his nights destroying stuff? Maybe he likes your reactions
  5. Considering more plants to help with Nitrates are not a bad idea once everyone is well again.
  6. You're doing great. I also have anxiety and used to get overwhelmed with my fish when I first began fishkeeping. Just think of the water for your fish like our air, then it'll be more easy to keep an eye on it. Keep their water clean and keep the medication dosed, nature will do the rest. You're treating with two of the best options of medications right now, any others won't be necessary as of right now so don't try to let them sell you anything in the store.
  7. My fish food blend has both floating and sinking pellets, which has never caused any problems. It makes them have to look for their food a little harder, too. I have never used Garlic Guard because Thera A has plenty of it...Noticeably.
  8. If your fish eat the sturdiest plants recommended, it's likely they'll eat everything. Welcome to the world of artificial plants.. They're actually not all the ugly things you'd think of. My fish ate every single living plant in the tank, even the spiky/pointy ones. If they notice they can eat it, they'll eat it.
  9. I honestly would feed both. I love a good mix of food, variety is the spice of life and it even applies to our kiddos. My guys get NLS Algaemax, NLS Thera A, Hikari, and Southern Delight mixed into 1. Also, it is the Oranda variety that is floating. Lionhead is a sinking pellet and very nutrient dense.
  10. I just also bought a pair of little shrimpy ones. It's so odd having them that small again! Good luck with yours, single tails are so easy-going and quirky.
  11. I would also get the Prazi Pro or a powdered Praziquantel form but the API General Cure (A powdered mixture of Metronidazole and Praziquantel) better than nothing right now as your fish is needing these medications ASAP. I assume you've dosed the tank with this and the filter does not have carbon.. How is your fish doing with the meds present?
  12. Thank you so much for all the info on the thread. We thought we could "wing it" with our tanks, considering we have had tanks on that side of the room for ages. Now that it's a much larger tank it might be worth getting a professional to come take a look at our floor/basement ceiling to ensure neither side is experiencing more stress than it can handle. The tank is on a gallon-appropriate stand but also adds more weight than the tank and two canisters are putting down.
  13. I'll be sure to get one of these when I install our pump, yikes!
  14. I'd only ever see myself doing it for one of them. Irreplaceable fish.
  15. Thank you for the heads up. My glass one hasn't failed me yet.
  16. I've had plenty of sand end up in my filter but I do have an unusually robust fish who is to blame. I've settled with the idea that it'll lead to a new impeller and shaft eventually but it also appears to be less and less in the filter with each cleaning, which is generally the smallest particles of the sand. Suppose she's eventually going to run out of "dust" to throw into the intake at some point. Get a heavier grain sand if you happen to have larger fish an keep the intake up. Oh and rinse it before hand... A lot. Until your hands fall off.
  17. Both my canisters have about 2000g ( :donthit ) of biomedia in various shapes/sizes at this point and along with good filter/water and maintenance, it's been incredible. It's good to have in case I ever need to send someone media in an emergency of some sort, and helped with my recent saltwater tank.
  18. I have two canisters (Fluval 406 and Fluval 306) on a 75 and often question if it is enough. A single 110 with that many fish would have to be cleaned more often so perhaps you could consider using two if you prefer on sticking with HOB filtration.
  19. Does it appear to affect their jaw movements at a all?
  20. Ahahahaha you're definitely not stealing my thunder! I like our generic little wiggly things. I found one of mine only has one eye, the unconventional fry.
  21. I was going to make a thread but yours can be mine since they're only a day apart and would look exactly the same. This thread is secretly Kate and Cat's first fry.
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