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  1. I tried putting too many plants to eat. It didn't work, they destroyed everything.. It was a literal forest of java ferns and they decimated the whole thing in about half a year. 😂
  2. They are beautiful! At least it is only temporary ❤️ Good luck with your move!!!
  3. Thank you! I'm very happy with her, she's so gentle and friendly. It took a while for her to get used to being able to see people since she was in a pond before. 😆
  4. Doing good! Got a new Ranchu somewhat recently that I had to drive 3 hours to get (and 3 hours back), going through a train station and all, which gave me some big anxiety. She was worth it, though! How are you? Hiii! Nice to still see familiar faces here.🥰 I've tried to find discords to hang out in to talk about fish but the community is never as nice as here so I recovered pass to come back. Here's my new lady, she seems to be from China according to the goldfish store I visited, and she was in a pond with many other beautiful TVRs. Ironically enough, I rarely get to appreciate her fantastic top view but I love her regardless. (Swapping out these horrendous neon green plants today for some fake bamboo that looks a lot better hahahaa.)
  5. Long time no see, friends! I've finally given up on real plants, they win. 😆 Also I love what you've done with the forum!!!
  6. Hope it all works out, glad you got through to her. Sometimes seeing the reality from a chemical perspective can help people because of what we've learned throughout our lives. The assumptions she had based on the dangers of Nitrates on people was just enough to pass into the dangers of what it can do for her fish. The same as thinking about ammonia, a common household cleaning product. It's not something you want a living being swimming through, which is how one of the guys at my previous LFS explained it to a woman which got through to her right away.
  7. Stunning fish,nice to see how well-filtered each tank is.
  8. Spooky fish tank, eek! Here I am feeling bad keeping two babies in a 10g for quarantine but YIKES!!! Seems like maybe she doesn't want to change. If I saw your fish and you told me "they're also goldfish" i'd be inclined to believe I need an upgrade or to find a more suitable owner, but maybe she'd shrug it off and blame it on "too much food". Had a pet store person ask me "what are you feeding? HOW MUCH are you feeding for them to be that big?!?" meanwhile I'm over here thinking that all I've done is take good care of them.. Not exactly stuffing em like turkeys or somethin'...
  9. Oh my sgshsksjgdshshhs I love this fish. ___ Does he just spend his nights destroying stuff? Maybe he likes your reactions
  10. Considering more plants to help with Nitrates are not a bad idea once everyone is well again.
  11. You're doing great. I also have anxiety and used to get overwhelmed with my fish when I first began fishkeeping. Just think of the water for your fish like our air, then it'll be more easy to keep an eye on it. Keep their water clean and keep the medication dosed, nature will do the rest. You're treating with two of the best options of medications right now, any others won't be necessary as of right now so don't try to let them sell you anything in the store.
  12. My fish food blend has both floating and sinking pellets, which has never caused any problems. It makes them have to look for their food a little harder, too. I have never used Garlic Guard because Thera A has plenty of it...Noticeably.
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