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  1. Ha ha... yes! The fishy cosmos are smiling down on me for sure! As for the Nitrates... I've always had Nitrates in my water test readings. I just thought that was normal. It usually ranges a bit higher than what it registered the other day though (like around 10). I just did a water change last night (how could I resist using my new Python right away? LOL) so I will either do another water test tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the encouraging words, everyone!!
  2. I'm actually only a couple weeks from my due date so the water changes were becoming a real pain. You should have seen me there- sitting in a chair, holding the tube while the tank refilled. Ahhhh.... LOL.
  3. Thanks for the information on the crushed coral! Can I just add it to a filter media bag then? I will update on the new tank set up with the rocks... I'm not sure why, but I've been having issues with the tank water getting super murky ever since adding the rocks. I'm hoping it's just a matter of the rocks not being as clean as I thought. Perhaps after a certain number of water changes the issue will fix itself. If not, I'll just have to take all the rocks out and try cleaning them again and see what happens after that.
  4. After upgrading to a 29 gallon I realized the whole sloshing buckets back and forth thing just wasn't working for me anymore. I remembered seeing the Python mentioned a few times in the forums so I checked it out on youtube. Needless to say I was rather impressed with what I saw so I decided to take a chance and ordered one through Amazon. Well, it arrived today and WOW! Seriously. I just think it is the most ingenious thing ever! I'm in love. And only for 40 bucks? Worth every single penny I paid. I really can't say enough good things about it so if anyone out there is thinking about getting one or is looking for a good solution for cleaning and filling their tank I would recommend this a million times over! Sooo happy I saw it mentioned on here- thanks to everyone who provides such useful information and help in here!
  5. Ok, I can't believe I am finally on here posting this, but... MY TANK IS CYCLED! My last water test showed 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite and 5 Nitrate. And of course I am freaking thrilled! Seriously, I was starting to believe it was just never going to happen. And I hate to question this fantastic turn of events, but... HOW did this happen?? I am asking this because NEVER, not once, did any of my water tests reveal any level of Nitrites. I thought those levels had to rise as the second part of the process so how did I get from point A to point C without any evidence of going through point B?
  6. Where can I get it though? And does it come pre-crushed our do I have to crush it? I've seen it mentioned as a solution, but I don't know what I'm looking for.
  7. As I'm sitting here typing this I have my two little ones having a blast scrubbing the rocks. Oh, the simple joys of childhood. LOL. Unfortunately, none of the rocks reacted to the vinegar so they won't be any help in raising or stabilizing my ph. And my children are officially soaked from head to toe...
  8. Thanks everyone! That ph advice is especially helpful- I never would have thought of such a thing. Is there any chance that the rocks could raise my ph a little? That might actually be helpful to me.
  9. I stopped at a local outdoor aquatic center today (amazing place... almost magical) and bought some of their smallest size of rocks to use in my 29 gallon tank. Now, these are natural rocks and were just all outdoors in a big pile I got to pick through. What do I need to do to prep them for my tank? Just rinse them and scrub them well? Or should I wash them in a bleach solution? Anything else I should know or be concerned about before adding these rocks to my tank?
  10. Oh, we are all loving the new house, yard and neighborhood! We have practically been living outside and soaking up the gorgeous weather and fresh air as much as possible! Thankfully the unpacking part is over, but now I need to get the nursery ready for the arrival of baby number 3! The tap pH is 8.8 (or higher), but my tank levels off around 7.2 and stays there! You know that's the first thing I checked! LOL.
  11. I haven't been on here in a couple weeks because, as some of you already know, we recently bought a house and moved! I was really worried about moving Goldie successfully, but I wanted to report back that everything went off without a hitch! I transported Goldie in a largish, dark bucket placed inside a crate which was then secured in my front seat with the seat belt. And then I drove veeeeery slowly. LOL. But yes, I was able to get the new 29 gallon tank all set up 24 hours before moving her into it and I also moved the bio filter from my old filter into the new AC70 one I got. (Yet so far, still no sign of my tank cycling at all... but that's a whole other topic I won't get into- sigh). I was incredibly paranoid (and even had nightmares!) that I was going to wake up and find my fish covered in ich (because the person I bought the tank from had a total die off from ich), but it hasn't happened. Actually, quite the opposite... she looks amazing! Her scales have 100% regenerated/healed from when she had ammonia poisoning awhile back and her color is not only deepening in certain areas, but also spreading to areas she didn't have color before. She seems to love all the new swimming space too! My guess is she's just a little bored as I have not accesorized the tank at all (soon though!). Speaking of... it looks so much bigger in real life, but here ya go! I originally thought the suction cups for my air tubing weren't working very well, but when I did a water change and replaced them I discovered Goldie going at them with all her little fishy might so my guess is the suction cups work just fine... she's just up to no good. LOL.
  12. Ok, cool... I think I may actually have a plastic bag similar to the kind they send fish home in. It came as a free sample in one of my ziplock bag boxes. Another thing I forgot to ask... is it ok to fill a plastic container with the tap water at the new place and bring it home to test it? Or will the time lapse somehow mess up the results?
  13. Yes, I plan on getting some water to test as I've had issues with things like naturally soft water here and pH issues. Thanks for the info!!! Goldie is doing really well lately since I found this site and implemented a lot of the advice so hopefully she'll come out of this move alright!
  14. Today is the day we sign for our new home!!! Ok... I'm super excited if you can't tell already. LOL. Anyway, our big move isn't until this Saturday, but since we are taking posession of the house today I plan on setting up the new-to-me 29 gallon tank tonight. I want to move Goldie sometime during the week so she'll have time to calm down after the stress of the move without much going on around her. My question is... is it safe to put her in a ziplock bag of water (a large one- not a sandwich size or anything) to move her? I also plan on putting that bag inside a dark bag to keep her from being stressed too much by the actual moving part. Also, I had to put my new filter on my 10 gallon tank because I couldn't get my old filter to run again after yesterday's wc.... do I have to leave it assembled and place it in tank water to move it or can I put the media in tank water and then reassemble it? (Sorry if this is in the wrong section)!
  15. I just got my API master test kit as well and the packaging says it has over 800 rounds of tests between every bottle. I didn't think I would need the high range pH because my tank water always tested really low, but when I tested my tap water I found it was the highest number on the high range scale. Then I was able to get help and information on what was going on and how to fix the problem. Also, I purchased the API KH and GH test separately- they sell them together as a set.
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