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  1. Thank you for your very nice comments, i was told that single tail and fan tails should'nt be kept together but i have'nt had any problems with these girlies, they have been together since i first put them together, although a sarsa comet i had in the beginning did try to terrorise the others but i soon removed her and they rest settled into a quite life together. And yes the feed very well together very well behaved even when the bloodshrimp and mysist go in.........................
  2. thank you folks its a pleasure to no i got it rite, this is my 1st trip into marines.
  3. This is my 60ltr nano thats been set up 12mnths now as you will see from pics this was done by me and my local fish shop, its consitst of abot 10kg of live rock, live sand and live water.
  4. ive been at it awhile now, like i said nowt better than a beer or 3 just sitting watching them or when i cant sleep coming downstairs n watching them soon has me snoring..
  5. this was my tank when it was 4wks old and the fishes were lost in this tank now 20mths on iam looking for a 60x24x30 for them...
  6. the LFS said not to mix single and fan tails together but as you can see mine are great 2gether, been together in this tank 2years now....
  7. these are a few of my goldies/loachs and butterfly plec/shrimp
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