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  1. does anyone know if theres a way to put a filter in there or would it be bad to have a current and suction in there>?
  2. Okay thanks for the help since i don't have brine shrimp or time to get it ill feed them egg yolk for now . I don't have a nice camera that can take pictures of them since they are so small but i will put up pictures when they are a little bigger. i can do a 100% water change? but wouldn't that be too much since that are so small?
  3. they have hatched they are all on the bottom/ stuck to the water. the water kinda smells i have changes some but it still smells does anyone know what i should so about that?
  4. Hi I'm new to breeding fish and my goldfish started breeding a few days ago. I was able to save some of the eggs but most of them were eaten. The dad is a fantail goldfish. The kind with the black orange and white mixed pattern and the mom is a comet goldfish that is white very little black and orange on it so its mainly white with a really long tail. I know comet and fancy goldfish aren't suppose to be put together in the same tank but the tank was given to me with them in it and they seem to be doing fine. Can anyone give me tips on how to raise the fry. And does any one know what the fry will look like with that mix. The fry are in a 5 gallon tank with a bubbler in it. Thanks
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