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  1. I will take note of this... Thanks for sharing.
  2. They look great! I hope mine turn out that nice... What age did you start feeding FBWs? My 1st batch is 4 weeks and my 2nd batch is 3 weeks. The oldest ones are now able to eat .5mm pellets. Which is really exciting! Ha. My BBS hatcheries have been the death of me to keep up with, being a full-time student and working. I also give them frozen brine shrimp... I was only planning on feeding them to the adults but the frozen ones are tiny, and very manageable for the month old fry. I keep waiting to be able to feed them FBWs.
  3. Hi all! I bought a 110 gallon stock tank to throw my 4 Ranchu outside for the summer because 1) I've wanted to do it every since I kept my other goldfish very successfully outside during the entire 2013 summer and 2) I need the tank the adults are in now to split my Ranchu fry and have more space to grow them out. I have a few things I've come across that I did not have when I had my last summer stock tank set up. My current house has a tree in the backyard that loves to let go of sticky, messy seeds/leaves. I was looking at metal mesh screening on Lowes/Home Depot website and I feel like I could make something very cheaply. I do have a Beautiful Dancer Lotus tuber coming in the mail and I need to think ahead when the lotus starts to grow above the water. So, laying something flat across the top may work for now, but not forever. I was wondering if anyone had something like this, and pictures for me to look at? I'm thinking I may need to build a raised greenhouse type roof for the stock tank. I also have hardy lilies that I will be putting in the stock tank. Does anyone have any experience in potting water lilies? I had a water lily when I had my stock tank set up before and it grew perfectly, flowering and everything. I had it in a ceramic white pot that I bought at a flea market for 25cents. If only it was flea market season in PA! In the next few weeks flea markets should be popping up, however. I've been doing a lot of research but not all videos/articles are accommodating to goldfish. Or at least I wonder if they are. Some people suggest using kitty liter pans since they are shallow but give a great width for the roots to grow. I just really worry about putting things in tanks/ponds that aren't deemed with a 'fish safe' sticker. If I could find large glass mixing bowls or something I think I would prefer to use glass than plastic. Also, what about fertilizing tabs for the lilies? Any experience with that and goldfish? My last stock tank was a 70 gallon rubbermaid tank, and this one is 110 gallons. I was looking at UV filters but they seem like that would be overkill for a 110 gallon, as the smallest I've seen says good up to 660 gallon ponds. I know, I know, green water is good for them... But in the long summer days the water gets so green my submerged plants can't get light and grow. It's more of a concern this year since I'm doing a water garden goldfish pond. One last question, (for now), what is the best way to keep water temperatures from going too high? I live by Pittsburgh so I'm not having to worry about high heat in the south but water can get pretty hot in the mid-summer. I had an ugly looking red/white umbrella clamped onto the rim of my other stock tank and it seemed to help since the tank is black, it didn't have direct heat. Ideas? I was hoping to have the tank set up with water/filter by May 1st so I could start monitoring the temperature levels to see how much it fluctuates at night to determine how soon the Ranchu can go outside. Thanks in advanced
  4. Thanks all! I heard someone call this outturned operculum once before. I'm not sure that mine has the same thing. When I look at pictures relating to outturned operculum the entire gill cover becomes very loose. I know mine just has the ends curled outward but I thought that maybe my Ranchu has the start of that trait. When their gill cover separates that much I read they can more easily become victims to foreign debris and infections, etc.
  5. I think I dislike it more than like the mutation. This Ranchu is the only male (I think) in my tank, and he's the one that fertilized all of my current fry. I love everything about him except for his gills. Thanks for the replies and pictures! I haven't seen it on any other goldfish before.
  6. This started about a month or two ago and it hasn't progressed any more since. I was wondering how many people had this issue? I've read up on it a little bit, but haven't found anything that knowledgeable on the topic. I will be posting photos shortly.
  7. I had a Redcap Oranda and he was so fricken smart. However, all telescope goldies are dumb in my books even though it isn't their fault they have a hard time seeing their food
  8. Yes, that seem relatively normal for a survival rate. I have 60 fry the oldest batch are at a week and a half and I've lost 1 from that group. I see about 3 or 4 that are definite culls. I'm not sure if this picture will work through the tapatalk app but I'm going to give it a try and attach a photo to this post.
  9. I've had a baby brine shrimp hatchery running for about a week now. I've finally got the hang of the smoothest way to feed and when to feed my fry. I turn off the air pump and take the light source away to allow them to go to the bottom of the hatchery. I then siphon them out and then drain them through a net and rinse them with freshwater from day old water. I've noticed my fry somehow find eggs that get siphoned out of the hatchery and eat them. Since the fry are still colorless I can see their bellies and some have A LOT of eggs in their bellies. What will happen to the fry? I figure that realistically this must happen a lot because how could a few eggs here and there not be sucked up with the BBS? I have noticed eggs in the babies for several days now and it doesn't seem like they are passing them through. I have 2 batches of fry. The first batch I found the morning of 3/16 and they hatched mostly on the 21st. My second batch were laid (if I remember correctly) 3/22 and they mostly hatched on the 26th. My fry are growing very fast. I keep the water around 76 and feed them either 2 or 3 times a day, depending on my work and class schedule. I've been doing about 25% water changes daily too. Another question I have that I cannot figure out myself is how to tell how many gallons of water my fry are in. They are in my 40 gallon breeder and I would guess they're in about 17-20 gallons of water currently. I tried to measure height wise of the 40 gallon tank to see how many inches = how many gallons... but my numbers never add up. I'm not sure how high to the top is technically considered where 40 gallons would measure to. I once added one gallon (my water change buckets has gallon measurements on them) and I measured a rise that I thought to be 1/4th of an inch. That would mean every inch was 4 gallons but the entire tank is 16.5 inches. That would mean the tank was 66 gallons. Ha. I can't figure it out!
  10. I did the same thing with my first batch of baby brine shrimp! I was using a light bulb that gave off minimal heat! I felt so dumb, cause I knew that was an essential part to a quick hatching
  11. Yikes, that would be an adventure! I've noticed my fry don't do that well with a sudden and/or strong current and they have a rather hard time getting their direction back quickly. I would imagine a car ride may kill them. If I was you, I would turn a light on to the tank that the fry are in, and let it grow some algae. My fry won't be a week old until Saturday but they are eating baby brine shrimp like champs and I have a thin film of algae lining the tub. They've doubled their size every day so far. I also just did my first water change of maybe 20% or so... I have 20 fry right now and my Ranchu decided to give me another batch 2 or 3 days ago. I scooped 20 out of the tank from the most recent batch of eggs and they all have eyes! This is my first time raising fry too... Should be getting interesting for me in the coming weeks!
  12. Yes, my eggs hatched Friday-Saturday (yesterday) and I'm about half and half right now with swimmers and those who are playing dead Your water should not be very deep. (No deeper than 6-8 inches is what I've read but my fry at in about 3" of water right now.) Reason being they need to swim to the surface to fill their swim bladders with air and if they cannot reach the surface they will die.
  13. Oh!! Plant basket.. Brilliant, I'll have to give that a go
  14. Ahh! Cute!! Everyone needs one fabulous Red Cap
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