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  1. Thank you so much for posting this question; its funny because I'm transferring mine to a bigger tank this week and was worried about the same thing! Phew! Good to know I don't have to wait for a cycle adjustment.
  2. WOW! And yeah I see the greenishness I've seen one about 3-4 inches long with the same color though.. so do you think they can stay that way? Or any guess what he might turn into (or what he definitely won't)? I can't wait till they grow big <3
  3. No haven't checked tap water.. good idea. Tank is fully cycled I wasn't sure the best way to add tap water back in; I've read how different people do it in forums as well as watched youtube videos and basically siphon out old water, add prime to whats left, siphon tap water. Reason I used the other 2 was bc I was worried Prime wasn't enough.. is that seriously all I need? Is Stresscoat good to have just as a backup for the uh.. slime coat? Pardon my ignorance, I'm learning
  4. An inch and a half maybe? Without the tail that is. Fantail eh? So they come in different colors or any goldfish with that tail is fantail? Like I know Oranda/Ryukin are ..breeds (breeds?) .. so Fantail is a breed too?
  5. This little guy had such an attitude in the Assorted Goldfish tank (looked like he was trying to pick a fight with the current coming out the filter ) that I had to get him! I've tried searching the internet to figure out what kind he is but no luck. Ideas?
  6. Oh thank you so much! I thought I had read the instructions carefully, but that is a little concerning that I have ammonia after an 80% water change, when I try to change the water frequently (every day/every other day) to compensate for them being overstocked until I get a bigger tank. I do use Prime along with Quickstart and/or Stresscoat. I really appreciate the help guys. I'm going to go post an "introducing myself" post since I plan to be here.. I've developed such a passion for goldfish the last month, I want to get to know this community!
  7. Hey everyone, I recently freaked out a bit after realizing that if you leave the tested water in the tube for a while, the color changes darker. So initially after shaking the tube for 10-15 seconds, its yellow for ammonia..but slowly starts to turn green within a few minutes. When is it accurate? I don't recall it ever changing that quickly. Also my pH was high last time I tested but couldn't figure out why. Fish seem happy.. but you know, I like to strive for the best conditions
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