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  1. Dont know why I still tried clicking on it haha but I want to see!!
  2. Sometimes its just the stress of a new environment and they hide or sit there for a while.. maybe a few hours. They are beautiful
  3. I dont have any good pics that show it but here are some pics of her (I'm guessing she?) when she was a LOT smaller Red: White:
  4. Where do you get the kit from? and is his behavior normal? Or normal from before the tumors?
  5. oh cool I've adding your facebook page.. and forgot to say one of mine has one red eye too.. at first I was concerned and even posted here about it I think. It still bothered me for the longest time but it is unique..err..well somewhat haha now that I've seen yours, I def do feel better about it
  6. If you've uploaded it to youtube just click on the video as if you were watching it, copy the url at the top and paste here.. or give us your username on youtube and we could probably search to find your videos?
  7. Yesss an update..with glorious pictures! If you had a blog and updated daily with pics and videos I would crawl in my computer and live there. So no, its not too much First of all, this picture made me feel warm inside.. Works of art : ^ great shots! Let us know how the CO2 works out.
  8. I went from gravel to bare-bottom (after finding this forum) to Caribsea black TMS, and while I miss how easy it was to immaculately clean my tank, I really do love the sand (so much that it was my background on my phone the first week after I got it ). I had gravel because that's generally what noobs get with a tank and fish , then bared my bottom after understanding the important of keeping the tank CLEAN, then decided on sand because 1) the tank just looked empty to my noob eyes, and 2) I thought it would be psychologically enriching for them to have something to do. My sand is the instant kind so I didn't need to wash and it didn't cloud up my water for hours before it settled, problems I hear others having with other types of sand. It's softer than I thought it would be and has sparkly bits so its not dull black. I took a video of my fish right after adding the sand.. They instinctively knew to sift through it for food! I mean duhh but it was cool to see anyways. As you can see the water isnt cloudy and the tank doesnt look too dark. I can see my fish better with the sand as well. I have one bag in a 55g. The website recommends 1 bag every 20g, but Ive seen it work in a 70g and read that less is better for GF? Dont know.. but it **looks** fine at least. You have to run your hands through it each water change so pockets of [some chemical] doesnt form and hurt the fish. Here's another view with all the room lights on and windows open.. even brighter inside: ^ I dont have enough sand to really plant down my plant, so I added a stone to hold it down. My faucet didn't fit my hose either.. I looked online and it said to go to a hardware store and find a piece that fits both hose and faucet connecting the two. Where I live it wasn't expensive at all.. a few dollars. Such a good investment! I read about digestive benefits as well but assumed they meant natural sand that they live in because it would contain natural bacteria and minerals etc.. but mechanical grinding makes sense.. cool either way as long as it doesnt hurt them! I know I was worried at first it would hurt them. ^^ I just wanted to lol at that
  9. Oh man when you snipped off his tail I was like .. glad its growing back. But more tumors so quickly? How often are you having to operate? Oh and I love your accent by the way
  10. I held my breath reading all the posts til the end..so glad he's better!
  11. GREAT pictures! gorgeous! I need to find my camera and stop taking cell phone pics!
  12. How often do you clean your filters? If not often enough or done properly, it may not be as effective. I have 2 Aquaclears on my 55g right now (had a 3rd filter that broke so a canister filter on the way). I have a 110 and a 50. Used to keep them both at low because I too was confused when I was starting out. I heard that goldfish don't like strong currents and keeping it low would allow more time for the bacteria to filter the water etc so cleaner water. I switched them to high - either one or both- sometimes (what seemed like randomly) when my water wasn't crystal clear. At that point I wanted the high flow to push as much water in to the filters so the mechanical filtration could pick up gunk. I noticed my goldfish always seem to like strong currents and bubbles, so they don't care either way. I also had heard that if it's not at high it isn't providing the maximum gph that it claims to filter on the box. Now I just play around with it according to my needs (less when feeding..and the filters seem to run differently the longer I have them so the low flow on the 50 is now a trickle whereas in the beginning it was just a lower flow. Hence now its always high unless I jerk the filter around in a way to fix the flow. Ahhh its a mess ) As for cleaning, the frequency depends on how much and what I feed. At first, every 3-4 weeks was working perfect, and I would alternate (clean the 50 one week, wait a week or 2 and clean the 110, but each got cleaned no matter what every 3-4 weeks). Then no matter how many water changes and how clean the filter appeared to be, my water just wasnt sparkly like it used to be. I realized I need to clean the filters more often and better than I was. With the mechanical filtration components, I dunk them in a clear container with tank water and squeeze several times. Then I throw away the water and keep repeating with new tank water until the water looks more clear. I was afraid if I cleaned too vigorously I would lose the good bacteria..but realized that that's what the ceramic balls are for! Also I was focusing on the sponges too much and not the basket, tubing, intake tubes, and other parts. Those need to be thoroughly cleaned as well! I never use any carbon and my tank works great without. The 3rd filter that broke recently was a topfin cartridge filter that came with another tank. I had put filter floss and ceramic balls in there and made my own media filter instead of using cartridges. If you do want to keep using those make sure you change them often enough. I also do 80% water changes at least twice a week. I now have sand at the bottom, and my gravel suction cleaner thingy (sorry my brains not working haha can't remember the name) doesn't really clean the poo well. I skim over the top, have to hold it sideways to make gravity suck up the big poos, and I make sure to run my hands through ALL the sand so any debris under comes floats out and with sand I heard pockets of (some bad things I cant remember LOL) form so you have to do that. I'm not an expert, just sharing what has been working for me, so if anyone wants to add anything please do
  13. ^^ super cute!! Looks like she will grow up to be a gorgeous fish!
  14. I have been giving frozen bloodworms minimum once a week, sometimes every other day. Currently feeding New Life as the main food but it seems to give them a yellow tint. Heard of Hikari but don't have it yet.. I hope that will do the trick. As for water changes I do 80-90% at least twice a week, sometimes more. Unfortunately my water has chloramines so I havent been able to figure out if its better to change less water because of that or keep doing what I'm doing. I'm trying to get a canister too but that's another story. I don't care for a HUGE wen but I do want a little "cap" WEN WILL THE WEN GROW!
  15. Here's mine.. this is actually an old pic, he's a lot bigger but I dont have a good pic at the moment***. I used to call him "Little One" but he's had a growth spurt the last 2 weeks and got really big! No wen growth at all since I got him... I need to figure out what food to get for that. *** Ok I just went through my phone and found a couple pics from July 26th (so he's bigger now! ) Here they are: Getting fatter!!
  16. Clementine is one of my favorite fish on here, I LOVE her colors! And her face
  17. I LOVE this thread! I thought about doing this too but I dont have too many early pics. I just started late March/early April and went from 2 fish in a 2.5 gallon to 3 in a 20g to 4 in a 55g! One of the original 2 died , but one remains . I couldnt have done it without you guys.
  18. Are you putting any salt at all in the main tank? Or doing more frequent water changes?
  19. So you can measure TDS? Still not 100% sure what that is..man I don't even know what I don't know, theres so much stuff to learn. Another thing is I'm not getting any clear algae anymore (the type that would start showing on the glass) so is there a reason for that? Does that clear stuff turn brown then green? Or whatever?
  20. Well don't want to go off topic about humans here, it's a lot of info. My water unfortunately has chloramines.. but thats ok, its impossible to be a .. "purist" even if we try. Just make the best choices we can for ourselves and fishies <3 I did feel gross drinking something that cant keep fish alive though..ugh.
  21. Fish and humans are not so different in this regard. Cell death, proliferation and tissue maintenance are very tightly regulated processes, and events that can cause dysregulations in these processes can ultimately lead to tumor formation. In a number of cases, viral infections can lead to tumors, in both humans and fish, and other animals. What I've been finding is that diet (and other environmental toxins..anything from pollution to the lotion and shampoo we use) is a major cause in making the body toxic, thereby causing cancers etc. Those who are following non gmo, organic, even raw diets are reversing these effects. That is the gist of it.. and so I was thinking maybe feeding fish as natural a diet as possible might be a way to prevent tumors..then again we're adding Prime and what not...ughh.. haha well just got me thinking.
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