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  1. I heard about NLS on this forum and have been using it a couple months but the one that is made for Goldfish. I've noticed it gives them a yellow tint where they are supposed to be white, instead or vibrant colors. I probably need new lights though for that.. I just have the day/night LEDs (not sure if thats any good). So Thera-A is better? have you tried all these and found a noticeable difference btw Thera-A and other NLS?
  2. I like how you mixed the sand.. beautiful tank and fish
  3. I wish I could see what he'd grow up to look like.. hope someone nice gets him
  4. How fast do you think the cycle can move to new media if its placed together?
  5. Just curious.. I only had this about an hour while I bought a new filter and added the existing to the new. But if you were moving or some other situation? Also, I've always wondered.. if you have a quarantine tank that is not medicated or requiring daily water changes, how/where do you get the cycle for the filter?
  6. I was at the store yesterday because a filter broke, and I saw this Ranchu-looking fish in the assorted Oranda tank. I may just be a newbie here and it just is developing slow/different.. but I did see an actual Ranchu at another store (this time at the more appropriately labelled "assorted goldfish" tank) so I had to ask. The lady there said sometimes they get some weird/mixed looking ones because they come from low-quality breeders. I wonder now how these fish are actually labelled.. by their prominent features? Anyways here he is.. teehee.. he doesnt look healthy but he's still got a cute face. I MUST RESCU.. err *cough
  7. Thank you.. I did find some other threads and posts in other places with descriptions of many different tail types but the more I read the more confused I get in a sense too. Some of it depends on the body shape as well apparently. Now I'm confused with ribbon and butterfly.. haha. Well in any case my favorite are still "the long and flowy types" whatever they call it. I hope I'll learn one day. (oh and by long and flowy types I include Edie and Hashi)
  8. Nice tank! How big is it and how long have you been cycling? I know it varies so I was wondering out of curiosity, especially with plants..
  9. I'm jealous .. Yeah looks like Oranda, and tails are something I'm still trying to figure out.. veil/ribbon.. no idea. "long and flowy" is what I call it and its my fav kind
  10. to be a veil the edges should be straight and the tail should have no fork in it. His tail has a fork (although it is less significant than Edie's). I have seen reference to something called a 'fringe tail' before when I think might be a better description of Hashi's tail. The edges on a fringetail are slightly serrated which Hashi's are They just came from rain garden This question came up recently about Edie's tail type, someone was asking if she was a veil tail and it sounded like general forum consensus is she might be considered a ribbontail, but I'm not sure When I bought Edie her tail appeared to be normal size, but has grown a ton in the last 2 yrs. I assume it is mostly genetics, although part of me wonders if they were in a larger tank if Edie's tail would be smaller. I don't know how much truth there is to it, but I typically equate excessive tails to stunting (not that I would consider Edie stunted, her body is a good 4-5 inches minus tail and she weighs 150 grams, but I have to wonder if in a larger tank more effort would have gone into body girth/length than tail). When I bought Hashi I actually assumed he might be a little stunted or just a bit of a runt because he had large eyes and relatively big finnage in comparison to his body size. He continues to grow (he's up to 103 grams from 63 when I got him), but he is not growing at as fast of a rate as Edie did when I first got her. So, that's my long very unhelpful answer I was trying to search the forums regarding tails and found this thread. I remember asking you on one of your youtube videos about Edie's tail (if it was veil tail and you said no..) and the whole thing has me so confused. Basically I love the long flowy tails. When I see pictures of them I see it described as veil tail or ribbon tail. I just cant seem to find any clear info on how to tell what is what. Do you have a pic of Edie when you first got her? Did you think her tail was butterfly or something different originally (since you said it grew considerably)?
  11. LOL I see you did put the temperature after reading blackmoors post. I'm not all there today I guess
  12. I had one of my snails "suicide" (as I called it) by getting stuck in the most awful way through the intake tubes ..its like he was sewing himself in and out of the gaps...*shudder*. I was afraid to pull him out because I thought I'd rip him if I tried (I still gently tried) but left him for a little bit to see if he could untangle himself. After a while he stopped moving so I somehow managed to get him out. He actually died within a short period of time stuck in the filter (not even a few hours). Horrifying. ** this was a couple months ago but now I'm wondering..what if he was still alive! Hmm.. no I must have left him there unmoving for a while..ughh I hope I didnt bury him alive
  13. I love DIY but get nervous about doing anything important..need more faith in myself! I'm sure there are alternatives for people with say less upper body strength like you said, etc. How long have you had your fish? Pics?
  14. ... gosh they are cute.. makes me want a telescope
  15. wow! I've never had any of those... Bumblebee is cute! Do they all look like him/her?
  16. haha yes I edited that out.. didnt read your post properly What is the temperature of the water? I think they're fine, maybe turn the light off and let them rest. please let us know updates in the morning!
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