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  1. Lucky! All the ones around mine have many different hikari for different fish.. except saki and lionhead I still keep an eye out
  2. Not to scare you.. but if there were internal injuries, does anyone know what can be done? :/
  3. Ive been doing the same thing.. it's in a sense a hobby as well. My bf said I should marry this website .. LOL
  4. Ok .. I have been following this thread for 2 weeks wanting to enter but not doing so. I never win anything but I'd be mad at myself if I didn't even try. Here is my spare 20 gallon, I might be rehoming a couple fish to my bf so then the little guy would go in the main tank. Right now I have an AC110, AC70, and Eheim 2236 all on my 55g so I have enough filtration I just cant help myself.. I've never had a Ranchu and want one so bad!
  5. Update: Water looks slightly clearer since I put the Eheim in 15 hours ago, I suspect because of the filter pads in there. I asked my dad to show me how he fed them, and he is doing a great job! I'm SO proud of him, he does it exactly like me! So not overfed at all.. and it's not really soaked, just swirled around a container and dumped in so that they fall straight to the bottom so the fish dont gulp at the top. I also turned off the AC filters for the feeding, although my dad said he doesnt see the food go in the filter, "it goes straight down and then Miss Piggy gets most of it like a vacuum cleaner" (oh I love my dad).. but when I turned it back on, POO FEST! The AC's are spitting out gunk, even the new one I set up Friday with new sponges. SO, I am going to Petsmart today, getting filter floss, changing water, cleaning out sponges, and going to clean out sponges every week now and see if that helps. Also going to get Omega until I can get Hikari. Thank you guys SOOO much for all the suggestions and concern. *hugs everyone* I will update in a couple days after doing the above. ^ Exactly what I was planning to get, and good to know Omega is good enough.. when I joined I assume it was a cheap and unsafe brand not good enough for my fish but now I feel better about it You recommend Saki Hikari to Hikari Lionhead? I only say lionhead because my Redcap has no cap I do run it over the top, but it barely pick anything up. Most of the poos are too heavy. I have an Aqueon, but the kind sold at the stores not amazon (I noticed a slight difference) They picked it up way better when I was bare bottom. I just make sure I swish the sand around and hope the filters get it but what ends up happening is my fish keep attempting to eat their poop, each time breaking it down further until it gets sucked up by filter/turns water murky. EW. And yes.. the next switch whenever that will be is eco complete.. after that I might go bare bottom. Especially when I go back to grad school. PSHHH aint no body got time for that! LOL Thank you, didnt know about that site..saved it to favorites but that product is out of stock. I'm so NOT mechanically inclined I have no idea what you said I dont know how to run it with water inside but not sucking water.. if it runs dry itll riun the motor! BUT good to hear you turn them off and no problems.. are yours Aquaclear as well? What about Eheim? Cindi I didnt see your post sorry, you are completely right, not sure why this is happening because it was fine before but the filters arent doing their job. I will be cleaning weekly as well now.
  6. Good idea.. but I'm a little afraid to turn them off because I've had 2 AC50s and a smaller filter blow out on me in the last 3 months (all lasted 1-3 months). I was going to make another thread about what could have went wrong and general tips for proper filter maintenance. Lady at LFS said they dont like to be repeatedly turned off and on which I did for feeding and w/c for the first broken AC. I'm scared
  7. ^2 weeks ago I think. Put in AC70 on friday so all those are new and brand new eheim today. Noticed sponges are already red w bloodworm blood, black w sand *usually I do w/c every 3 days or so..
  8. AAIYYYEEEE I did the same w my redcap and called him "little one" for the longest time
  9. Cant take any pics now but here's one from this evening. The 3rd intake is same height on the other side. Dots are just air bubbles bc I blasted the flow for a while and blurriness is biofilm on tank and light reflection from room
  10. Yes, it was on my list but I'll get it tomorrow Odd then how it used to be clear without it? lol I meant to say I will watch how he feeds them* I just lowered them last week.. all 3 maybe 5-6 inches away from sand? Ahh interesting. Its NLS gf formula btw. I wanted to stop that anyways because it makes their white areas look yellow. I was going to order Hikari lionhead and Repashy soilent green but that would take a while to arrive. When everyone here says Omega one are they talking about the regular pellets at the LFS?
  11. Hmm.. yes cleaned intake tubes.. Well.. I havent actually been able to see them eat ALL the time because I've had to have my dad feed them since I'm currently in a weird living situation and not able to be with my babies all the time I will show him how he feeds them to see if he's overfeeding .. I dont know we will see.. I had showed him how much and to soak it before.. and he even said he forgot a couple times. Will update on Eheim and dad tomorrow. Think I'll pick up some filter floss too. Was trying to spread out the purchases a bit but frustrates me more to have spend money on good filters and still have poo everywhere (oh yeah all over the sand too).
  12. Well at first I wasn't washing the sponges that well for fear of losing the cycle. Then when the water started getting dirty and staying that way I started cleaning it better since there was still the biomedia for the cycle (all rinsed in tank water and never the same week). Water isn't cloudy or white though.. that's why I didn't think it was bacteria or algae.. and parameters are perfect so what the pearlscale is going on!
  13. Bella is bella..hope she gets better soon ** edit. Didnt read the entire thread.. sorry you dropped your fish! I'm still not used to it and know I freak out so havent attempted to pick them up yet.. the only tank change they had I made my significant other do it haha! I hope he gets better though!
  14. I have the biomedia and sponge thingies it comes with, but have gone through 2 AC50's before that so had extra that I added in there. No carbon.
  15. Someone more experienced can help, but those numbers are high so maybe that's it.. Really pretty fishy though Hope she gets better
  16. haha.. I was expecting a horror story.. thank goodness its just a feed me face around bubbles
  17. I'm confused. I used to have crystal clear water before and after water changes, then the last few weeks no matter what I do the water is gross (with floaty food/poo bits, not bacteria/algae bloom) >55g, 4 fish under 2 inches, AC110 (500gph), AC70(300gph), Eheim Ecco Pro 2236(185gph) = total 985gph <-- fish fever >AC's have extra media, biological and mechanical >The last month they are fed NLS twice a day, finished within 2 mins, frozen bloodworms once or twice a week. >W/C 80% twice a week and params are all 0% with ammonia going max 0.25 >Filters were being cleaned every 3 weeks but now more often.. even after cleaning tubes/media/plastic compartments/intake it still sputters poo/food out when restarted (In fact AC70 and Eheim are both new from this week since my AC50 and Topfin20-haha.. both died last week) Is it the impeller area? Is it the Caribsea instant TMS I added June 19th? AC70 was added last Friday and today there wasn't any difference in the appearance of the water, installed the Eheim today so I will let you know tomorrow if there's a difference. I was thinking of adding filter floss.. but besides that what do you think is going on and what can I do?
  18. When ever I come by the tank he starts gulping for air when I walk away he doesn't gulp air as often.. Maybe he's excited? Yeah this might just be him thinking you're feeding him so he's excited and trying to get the food he think he'll get? He doesn't do it when you're away (he can't see you)?
  19. Wow 13 years! I dont really have anything to add but guesses, but would love to see a video! Hope the issue is fixed now
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