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  1. yayyy welcome to the sand club..lol. Your fish really do look great with the black sand. I have one white and one black fish so whichever color I chose would camo one of them Right now its black TMS so the Moor's hidden half the time, but over all I love black! I also love the plants tied down. I recently added some to mine and have them in jars.. they fish keep getting them out somehow. Tried pebbles in them today.. we'll see. Eventually I want to try the rock thing. And your tank looks great btw. I do feel the same about showing mine though.. I feel like such a noob What are your fishie's names?
  2. I'm not an expert but for me (so far) I only had a random explosion for a week, then they went away on their own. For the week's cleaning I just had to scrub my decor/plants. Some people do so with bleach and then soak the plants/decor in Prime before adding it back. I'm not sure if it's all algae but reducing the amount you have your light on might help.
  3. Very nice, cant wait to see the fish in it
  4. I freaked out and posted about it here too.. because it seemed to randomly happen whereas before everything was crystal clear. I just scrubbed my decorations and the next week it never regrew.. so all is well, seemed like the diatoms were just on vacation for a week!
  5. Oooh really like the tank, even just with the first coat. I'm sure it looks different up close but if there was a face to get that darker grained effect that would be really cool too. I kind of want to paint mine now even though it's plastic ..HMMM And cute kitteh. And puppy
  6. HAH... I had to watch this again for the giggles
  7. You can choose to go under! The procedure itself doesnt hurt one bit eitherway I cant wait for this to be over, the anticipation is killing me!
  8. My biggest/greediest one makes me laugh too.. scaring herself bc shes not paying attention to her surroundings bc shes constantly nomming..haha
  9. Oh my, I cant tell which one is my fav. and I'm glad they're so active after shipping Dibs on the fry! I get first pick!
  10. What kind of filters do you have ?
  11. HEY I JUST STARTED! lol! I'm getting into plants now too.. ahhh
  12. Cool I'll change it tomorrow.. and matala eh.. another thing on my wishlist
  13. OMG I am cracking up! I thought the same thing! I HATE boogers too so I had to stop watching the video and just listen! sorry I dont know why this is so funny to me uh oh I dont get any sludge on my biomedia.. am I supposed to? One of mine was uncovered bc the cover fell behind the stand but no sludge..
  14. Yes, this is what I always tell people. The AC sponges are not enough. You need something finer, and this is perfect, and cheap! Oh really? I have this stuff for my little QT Aqueon filters. But I've never used it in my ACs. I just use 2 sponges and 1 Biomax. Where do you put the Blue pad, Alex? I do one sponge, then the filter padding, and then the biomax. I didn't know the best way to put it in my HOBs so I tried replicating my Eheim structure with pads on the bottom, then sponges, (then actually another pad) then ceramic balls, then more pads wherever I could fit on top (LOL I was fed up on dirty water haha). Is this ok though or sponge before pads are better?
  15. Wow!!! I have the same tank so now I'm thinkin
  16. Sorry I was rooting for him! May he be in peace now.
  17. Aww all of these stories.. some so sad.. My first goldfish were two Calico Ryukin I bought in March, in a 2.5g . I might have had 3 goldfish when I was 8years old, but don't remember anything except they were gold colored. I didn't know anything about how to take care of them so they probably lasted a few months. Anyways, I had named the Ryukins "Ryu" and "Ken" (get it? also names from streetfighter..hehe). Ryu died after a week and a half.. I didn't know about cycling tanks! I had tropical fish in a 47 gallon in college and they were always fine so I didnt bother looking online to see how best to care for gf, especially bc it says in the store they are easier than tropical. When Ryu got sick I desperately tried to google what was wrong and how to fix him (I called him a her bc she had a big belly and I read that females have wider bellys). I did some water changes, bought some pimafix/melafix, even bought a 20g. She died in a few days. Ken on the other hand is still alive and well! I always have a special place in my heart for Ken. I got him some friends, and they're all in a 55g now First one is Ryu, second is Ken. More recent Ken is the first fish below in my sig.
  18. Oooh thanks for mentioning what you're feeding and how often, as well as the fact that most of the growth was recent. This gives me hope. My Redcap "Little One" had a growth spurt the last month but his wen didn't grow at all! It hasn't grown even a little since I got him in April. I was beginning to worry maybe it was genetics, although I hadn't tried Lionhead, and I was only feeding bloodworms once a week because I read somewhere it might be too much protein (but I think that's for big adult goldfish..mine are still wittww I was holding out on ordering Lionhead because I have so much food now, but I'm going to order it RIGHT AWAY! lol. I don't want to miss out! How often do you feed pellets? Do you feed them anything else? veggies?
  19. I had a dirty water problem and was told Omega One was good. However I went and bought filter pads for better mechanical filtration the same day so that's what I think was really the problem. My water's clean now I got mine at Petsmart for about 7$.. I think Petco is a dollar cheaper. I've also acquired quite a few different kinds of food so I mix it up. I break down algae wafers into pieces and soak them, don't know if that's any good for them though
  20. I've had 2 of mine extracted at different times. Same doc, no meds, diff results. First time it bled for hours and hours after, my face swelled up, and although I didnt want pain meds I NEEDED them. Second time, no blood, swelling, or need for pain meds
  21. Another thing worth mentioning is good filters, if you have enough filtration it will reduce water changes. Recommended 100x gph (55g tank the filters need to push out 550gph). And maybe looking up different foods based on what you get. What kind if fancies were you thinking? I started getting overwhelmed only recently as my passion grew from making sure I had the basics so they wont die, to making sure they grow fast and less water changes for me, to wanting to have "perfect" conditions. I also am wary of all the products used because I'm into nutrition in humans and do not agree with processed foods as well as chemicals we use in everyday life like shampoos etc. Ideally I would like to recreate a scenario closest to nature..but I can't do that right now. I keep wanting to buy more and more things but realize that its not all necessary, it's nice to do as a hobby of course. You seem like you know enough having been so successful with commons, and you should have no problem. and good luck! ** also yes, pics please when you get them!
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