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  1. Ok.. I have no MMs (just M&Ms..sigh) and Salt from Petsmart not Epsom... hoping I can find this at the grocery store. She was always "bloated" though.. from day one that I got her, I even posted about it months ago when I was worried but was told she was fine?
  2. I can move here but I dont mind doing the water changes on the 55 daily. I dont have my water test kit after I moved and cant find it so I cant answer the questions just yet. I'll let you guys know if I find it/get proper help. I hope you're right Helen!! I'm going to do my best. Wish me luck and thanks everyone. *this was her first dropsy. First dropsy in any fish Ive had actually ** crap lol I read your post carefully. Ok I may quarantine to treat then with the salt. Or would the salt/treatment harm the other fish?
  3. Oh no! Thanks for the hope.. but wish it didnt make her a "special" fish with reoccurring episodes eventually shortening her life Somehow I was still ok with the swim bladder messing up and her rolling around the tank randomly because her attitude was the same, so it looked like she didnt even realize she couldnt balance herself. But after the dropsy she def looks sad so hence quality is lacking. Now she is still able to upright herself momentarily but I have to watch her for a while to see that.. she's mostly staying in one place upside down at the bottom opening and closing her mouth. I did take a video but you cant see the scales sticking out in it.. I'll upload it momentarily.
  4. My beloved Miss Piggy has dropsy. Not entirely certain why since all the others are just fine, but I guess she is just sensitive. She had damaged her swim bladder pretty bad, which at first even went away but progressively became worse, and now since yesterday I see her scales sticking out and bulging eyes. She is upside down and looks miserable (she's usually the most active/greedy/interactive). I did a full water change yesterday as soon as I saw that and am going to clean the filters and change water again today.. but seeing as the dropsy part of this seemed to have happened sometime between friday and saturday.. I dont know what my chances are on helping her survive this. Have many of you been able to heal someone after dropsy? Obviously the sooner you treat the better the chances with anything but I read on here once its at that staged they are pretty much doomed
  5. Do you have the receipt? What fantailfan said, and I think you can return within a month. They can exchange or give you store credit..maybe order a new one in or direct you to another psmart that has it in stock? It's not too late, take action! If that doesn't work I vote filling it up outside and the laser pointer idea.
  6. I just wanted to day that Golden is a cutie..and don't give away your stuff just yet! It's really not that hard or complicated with a healthy fish, And very rewarding. Good luck!
  7. What everyone else said. I fel into it too. Had most of the different freshwater they sell at pet stores, but they were just fish. I never thought I'd be so attached to fish. Or stare at them for hours. They have tremendous personalities. They interact with me.they make cute faces.they grow quickly into beautiful moving art. I've never had a hobby but this has turned into one. I'm so glad..I never feel lonely!
  8. 55g: AC110, 70, Eheim Ecco Pro 80 Dont know what the lights are called.. came with the tank.. Marineland day/night LEDs AIr pump (I think the smallest Topfin that I had gotten for my 20g, but it works so far!) Thats it for now
  9. Whoaaa Harumi looks huge! More pics! and congrats!
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