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  1. Glue from a hot glue gun is safe for an aquarium? I want to glue suction cups to the bottom of my silk aquarium plants for my bare bottom tank. Will it be safe for my fish?
  2. Hi guys I've been at work all day so sorry for not responding sooner. The water was coming from underneath the tank, so splashes wouldn't have caused this. The only thing I could think of is a loose seal or something. Any suggestions on a way to fix such a problem. The tank isnt very old, Ive had it for a year and a half and bought it directly from the pet sore.
  3. Ive had my 60 gallon tank for over year now. But yesterday as I was sitting around I noticed a drop of water fall where it shouldn't have. Upon closer inspection there seems to be a leak somewhere. I checked everywhere and I can guarantee that wherever the water is coming from it is not the filter or anywhere above the bottom of the tank. I wiped away all the water but more slowly took its place. I have since drained 95% of the water a moved all my goldfish into my 40 gallon for now. Since draining most of the water the leak seems to have stopped. But what should I do now? I cannot lift it myself so I would need to wait for my brother to have time to help me. But I don't want to fill it with water only to have it leak again because I live in California and we are told we are in a drought and to limit our water usage. Is it possible for a leak to start out of nowhere, Ive checked and there isnt a crack anywhere, where could this water have come from?
  4. The very first step is to identify the gender of your fish. Males usually have breeding stars on their gil plates or leading fins. Females tend to have their vent ('egg shoot') protrude out more. After that just move the tank to the coldest room in the house, maybe the garage. Dramatically reduce feeding, and limit the time the light is on. Do this for a month or two. Then move the tank back inside. Increase feeding, increase time light is on and keep an eye on the weather. Next time their is going to be rain, or a change in pressure, do a large water change (preferably with water colder then room temperature),the raise in water temp as it comes to room temp combined with a change in atmospheric pressure usually triggers spawning. I've also noticed that my fish, even though primed for spawning, didn't start spawning until I put a spawning mob in. Here is how to make a simple one
  5. I think one of my favorite things is taking pictures of my fish so I can see how much they have grown. When you see them everyday its hard to see all the differences. here is on of my favorites for example, the top picture is one month ago and the bottom a few days ago. The marks on the tank are lined up so the difference you see in the fish is the actual difference. Its so fun and rewarding =)
  6. Here is a new Update!! The picture on top is the old one, and on bottom is one month later =)
  7. Here is a photobomb of some of my favorite fry. They are a few months old and starting to show their potential. Enjoy. . . . This one is named Disaster because he/she is the opposite of that. . . . . . . This is Sashimi, the biggest of them all. . . . . . This is Siri, the bluest of them all. . . . . . This is Kale, he is most like a midnight shubunkin. . . . . . And this one is named Basil, he reminds me of a shark. . .
  8. Congrats on the fry. Ill be following this thread and looking for updates. If you manage to keep them alive (no reason you wouldn't) these will be fish you will treasure because you raised them from little tiny sticks with eyes.
  9. From my experience with raising fry, they tend to keep the black stripes, but the size of the black stripes stays the same as the fish gets bigger so it then becomes a black patch rather than a stripe. Cute babies btw.
  10. When you upgrade your tank, then continue to use the old one. Then you upgrade to an even bigger tank, but continue to use the other two. So before you know it you have three different fish tanks and you spend your time figuring out how you want to split up your goldfish so the bioload in each tank is acceptable.
  11. For those of you with instagram if your search #sophiechronicle you can see the growth of one of my fry from a year ago. I put a quarter in the pics so you can get a sense of how big he is getting (named him sophie way before gender was distinguishable). I find if you post to instagram that coming up with a unique hashtag allows you to see all the pics of that particular fish in one click as well as how long ago it was posted.
  12. Kylen


    From my experience, having the spawning material floating or at the top of the water triggered spawning. So if you want to initiate spawning again, i would suggest floating the spawning mop just like Jennie's video. I was lucky enough to wake up during the spawning and caught a little on video http://instagram.com/p/lmDjJewoF1/?modal=true
  13. Just a quick update on some of the fry, they are super adorable http://instagram.com/p/qpyAvkwoP2/?modal=true
  14. Another update http://instagram.com/p/n7fo78QoO9/
  15. This guy, http://instagram.com/p/iH_CSnwoG0/ is my most expensive, he was around $150 including shipping. I've enjoyed him for two years now, and he finally spawned so he has completely been worth everything I've spent on him. his babies http://instagram.com/p/ncj-A_woAz/
  16. Update on my frybies, There was a catastrophic accident that killed about 95% of the fry in the tank. Good thing I had seperated them into two groups and now brought a few from the stock tank outside in to keep the survivors company. Here they are http://instagram.com/p/ncj-A_woAz/ Squall the daddy spawned with a different female and the eggs hatched 2 days ago, I put one of them with the older guys so you can see just how far they've come.
  17. These two.. http://instagram.com/p/lWjDVsQoE0/ Decided to have these.. http://instagram.com/p/l7p19JwoHx/ I did plan on breeding these two, but they spawned way earlier than i expected. The single tail is a fantailxShubunkin cross so some of the babies will be doubled tailed and hopefully some will be longer bodied double tails with long finnage. I also got to try out hand spawning for the first time, it was kind of scary because I was afraid I would hurt them but I followed all instructions and videos I have watched and it worked out perfectly.
  18. Hi, my name is Kyle and im a recovering goldfish addict. At first there was just one, but it was lonely so i got another one. Before i knew it i had a 20g, a 40g, a 60g and a 100g stock tank. I plan to breed eventually so having so many tanks makes sense, but it feels like its getting out of hand....but i want MOOORE!!
  19. http://instagram.com/p/lJC6CyQoH7/ Some of the fry, there are not many unfortunately, maybe 7-10, its so hard to count them.
  20. You've done an awesome job with your fry! Your spoiled for choice when it comes to the ones you want to keep. Keep us updated!
  21. The best alternative I can say other than constructing your own baby brine shrimp factory is to buy frozen baby brine shrimp. I typically find it at petsmart. Has all the nutrition of live baby brine shrimp, but in frozen cubes. Plus its from hikari. Ive had pretty good success with it.
  22. Update, the eggs are hatching!! http://instagram.com/p/k_0_GmQoGU/
  23. You can see one of the eggs with little eyes here ... http://instagram.com/p/k6Jd2LwoCC/
  24. I recently moved three survivors of the outdoor raccoon attack into a tank inside the house. I guess the change in temperature and more frequent feedings triggered a spawning. Im very excited about this batch because these will be my F2 to my fantail/shubunkin cross. The first generation yielded 100% single tails and im guessing around 25% double tails with this spawning. I'll post pictures once they hatch. Note: The initial parents (the fantail male and shubunkin female) were lost in the first great Raccoon attack of the backyard. Of their offspring only 4 survive. Im glad im getting more to put into the pond once i figure out how to protect it from the Raccoons.
  25. I have one where I post mostly pics of my goldfish and some goldfish art. (not going to lie there are a few random things as well) I follow anyone who follows me. An example of my pics, KyllaAuFish
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