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  1. Hi Siansy. Lighting needs depends on what plants you are growing and what tank you have, dimensions/gallons.
  2. Wow! Snoopy is an incredable(have never been able to spell that word correctly) looking angel. I've never seen another like it. Nice fish!
  3. That's cool being able to run the pump at different speeds and I agree about having more valves and such (Toys!) in a plumbing setup. All the better for fine tuning. Saw some valves today used for irrigation systems that can be controled remotely via a computer. Of course I started thinking about aquarium applications for valves like that!
  4. Flex pipe and unions. My favorite way to plumb!! Those gate valves cool too. One trick I learned with unions is to plumb them so that the male and female sides are opposite each other on a pipe that has one at each end. That way if the pipe needs replaced at some time you only have to buy one union to hook up again to the two existing unions.
  5. Design as in custom building a filtration system?
  6. Nice Devs Now you get to watch them grow up and that's the best.
  7. Fishing line, especially tippet line for fly fishing, works well for tying down plants.
  8. Maybe float a couple or more frozen water filled plastic soda bottles in the tank?
  9. Hi Mystizah. I recently read a really interesting article about oscar aggression in the july issue of TFH. The author of the article wrote that she drastically reduced the aggresion in her oscar by lowering the water temp to 72 degrees F. You should definately find out if your LFS would be willing to take one of the oscars just so you know if that's an option, (which I think is what you will have to do). Best of luck.
  10. I'm a fan of the "low tech" planted aquarium and so usually put good garden soil topped with sand as a substrate in the bottom of my planted tanks. I also put the tank by a window that gets lots of good free sunlight These tanks have done pretty well but of course the lowtech approach isn't for everyone. There's a great site at Tropica where you can read up about the requirements of just about every species/var. out there. Hope this has been some help.
  11. What kinda plants you get?
  12. German Rams if they have them. Great smaller fish full of character and amazingly colored.
  13. Oscars are great fish, speaking from experiance 55 is minimum for a single oscar as long as it's not a 55 show. Oscars grow really fast to about 5-7 inches then slow down some and will eventually grow to about 12 inches TL. They are so messy they make goldies look like cultured diners. Be prepared for some heavyduty filtration and water changes. They tend to have a bad reputation but they aren't as mean as sometimes made out to be. Very nice tank Fishfreak, welcome to the joy of caring for a "waterdog" B)
  14. It's definately not a convict then. This is a tough one, (for me anyways ), it could be any number of different fish. Often the females will have drab coloration and the males will have the color. If you could see an adult male then it might help with identification.
  15. Just took a quick look, we're off to take the boat out, but they sort of look like convict cichlids. How big are they and how old are they, if you know? Any colors on them that aren't showing up on the pictures?
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