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  1. Good tip! Also remember to switch of heaters (if you have any), before doing a water change, and NEVER put your hands in the tank if a heater has exploded/ cracked. I know it sounds like common sense but I've forgotten to turn of a QT heater once, panicked, and went to move the heater back into the water, and it cracked. Lucky I didn't put my hands in the water at the time. But I guess we learn from our mistakes!
  2. Good tips. Don't forget if you're photographing a tank in full and it's daylight, try closing blinds/ curtains to minimise glare and reflections.
  3. Very cool. I have a few angel fish and discus that eat straight out of hand without any issues. I think the bigger the fish is, the more comfortable it feels around human hands, since they must be so huge for smaller fish! And yes, having them in an area they can see you alot, makes them more at east too. Our 6ft is in the living room where someone always sits or walks by them.
  4. I agree. Leave them in the 10 gallon, that's already quite small. I have 1 corydora sterbai in my 14 gallon (the other two died in my 6ft, so I wanted to move the survivor to a safer tank, although it's still quite small for it. Good luck!
  5. Definitely stockings/ panty-hose. I use a slightly transparent, black piece of panty-hose, wrap it around the filter inlet and tie it there (you can use a rubber band if you need to). I do this in all my fry tanks, and it's worked well so far to keep the little guys safe.
  6. Probably not rare, but that's pretty cool! I remember my first betta as a child, it was a bright red veil-tail. Might consider getting one for my planted tank when I can reduce the amount of guppies I have in there.
  7. Bala sharks can get quite large, so definitely upgrade to the 55 gallon if you can! They're quire peaceful fish though, so you shouldn't have any issues. Good luck.
  8. The options are endless, but you could try: - Rainbow fish (although they're not that slow) - Angelfish - Discus (if you want something more advanced). etc.
  9. I've kept a dwarf gourami with a few guppies before, and the gourami wasn't aggressive towards them at all. He has more trouble with the giant pearl gourami we have in our 6ft now, as they like to chase each other around, but I think you should be fine with just the one dwarf if you'd like to try that.
  10. I agree with the above comment. You can keep just one male dwarf gourami with the rasboras, as that way it shouldn't be too aggressive, and rasboras are quick little fish. I had a dwarf in my 54L (14 gallon), with a few guppies and he didn't bother them at all. I've also kept rams in the past too, and to be honest, I wouldn't really recommend them unless you can be sure that you A: Have enough space to keep 3 or 4, where they can establish their own territories, or B: Have a pair that won't be too aggressive (not in a territorial way anyway), but they're quite difficult to sex unless mature. My two males ended up killing each other in the 54L (14 gallon) due to their territorial nature. They just wouldn't get along. But good luck with whatever you choose!
  11. Awesome! I've done something similar with my 54L, but I usually just have it set to blue as a moonlight overnight. Check it out! Oops, not sure if that embedding worked, check it out here if you like.
  12. Definitely! Java fern is a low-light plant, so you shouldn't have any trouble growing it by the sound of things. It's also great for shrimp who love to walk all over it, as well as the guppies who like to swim through it when it gets larger. I'm sure you won't have any trouble with it, good luck!
  13. Looks great. Val looks really cool when you have a whole lot of it, especially if you create a wall. I have a whole bunch of val in my 54L (14 gallon). It's grown all across the back of the tank, and down one side, quite thickly. Great for fish to hide in when they want some time away from the crowd! Good luck.
  14. Chinese algae eaters can get a bit aggressive when they get larger. It's quite strange as SAE's love to school together in big tanks (eg: I have a 6ft with 6 or 7 of them and they're always together), but the two CAE's I have seem to like being solitary. Good luck.
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