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  1. I have a similar problem except that the pH on my tap water is extremely low. We have a neutralizing tank on it that brings the water up to about 7.8 but if we run a lot of water like I do on a large water change the pH slowly decreases. Like you if I let the water sit for 24 - 48 hours it will be back up at 7.8. I have two different set ups that I have been using to solve this problem. On my 38 gallon tank I have a 20 gallon plastic tub that I fill up with tap water the day before and use this for my water change. I vacuum out my tank as I usually do and then transfer the "aged" water from the tub using a cheap pump that I bought from Harbor Freight. I have a 100 gallon stock tank that over winter my outside fish in. For this tank I do daily 10% water changes. It's only 10 gallons and so far it has worked. Good luck.
  2. For the overflow pipe do you think a uniseal would work on the Rubbermaid stock tank.
  3. Some of this is also posted in the "Ruby and Lyle" thread. Okay some more good news on the water front. My friend e-mailed me today to tell me that my water sample had no bacteria or detectable volitiles in it. So it looks like my problems are coming from the pH of my water. When the guy came on Friday to recharge my neutralizing tank he got a pH reading of below 5.6 before the neutralizer. I tested it on Saturday and got an initial pH of 7.5 out of the tap. After I filled up a 30 gallon tub with water I remeasured the pH and got 6.8 out of the tap. Right now Daffodil is in a 12 gallon hospital tub trying to recover from my stupidity. She was eating over the weekend and I had a pretty good ammonia spike right now she is back to not eating. Since we aren't treating her for anything I would like to put her back in my cycled 38 tank so I don't have to worry as much about ammonia levels. Please let me know whether you think I can transfer her back and how I should proceed based on the pH of my water. Thanks.
  4. Okay some more good news on the water front. My friend e-mailed me today to tell me that my water sample had no bacteria or detectable volitiles in it. So it looks like my problems are coming from the pH of my water. When the guy came on Friday to recharge my neutralizing tank he got a pH reading of below 5.6 before the neutralizer. I tested it on Saturday and got an initial pH of 7.5 out of the tap. After I filled up a 30 gallon tub with water I remeasured the pH and got 6.8 out of the tap. Currently I am doing daily 10% water changes with water from work that I am adjusting with baking soda. The fish seem to be doing really well right now and go crazy whenever I feed them. Keeping in mind this is a 100 gallon stock tank I need suggestions on how I should proceed with water changes so I don't hurt my fish.
  5. i can heat some water on the stove and adjust the temp.
  6. I will be using water from work that I'm adjusting with baking soda. Matching temperature is going to be a slight problem since I don't have a heater small enough. How much of a water change should I do?
  7. I have some positive news on Daffodil that I wanted to pass along. She is starting to eat again. I have been leaving food in the tub during the day and at night I end up removing the same number of pellets that I left in the morning. Last night when I got home there weren't any pellets left in the tub and she had poo hanging off her butt. I gave her a few more pellets, some of which she ate, some she spit out but at least there is some progress. I gave her bloodworms this morning which at first she didn't seem to be interested in but eventually she ate some. I have been checking the ammonia level daily and it is slowly creaping up so I have been adding Prime daily. It has been almost a week since I have transferred her to the tub and the ammonia reading is about 0.5 ppm. When do you think I should do a water change?
  8. Unlike my other two fish Daffodil is not recovering very well. I was wrong when I said that she had eaten a few pellets yesterday. When I looked closer I found all the food that I had given her in the corner of the tub. She is very lethargic and only moves when I try to pick her up. Otherwise she just bottom sits with her fin clamped. It is very sad and I don't have much hope. I put the last dose of metro powder in last night. Should I be doing water changes on this tub?
  9. Thank you guys for asking. These two are starting to get back to normal. They are begging for food and going crazy chasing down the pellets that I put in the tank. This makes me very happy. I got some water from work yesterday to do the daily 10% water changes. Unfortunately, pH of it was around 6.0 and the KH was 0. It literally didn't change to blue when I added the drops. I added 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to 10 gallons of it which brought the pH up to 7.5. The only problem was the KH was still low. It was getting late so I did the water change with this adjusted water. I guess I should add some more baking soda to tonights water to bring up the KH some more. My friend came by last night to take water samples for testing. Like I said earlier her company is one of the state certified water testing facilities. We got in touch with the county health department yesterday unfortunately, the person in charge was out of the office. They are supposed to get back to us about them doing a test of our well water. Finally, there was a mix up and the company that is supposed to recharge the neutralizing tank is not coming until Thursday. I'm hoping this will get sorted out in the next couple of weeks in the mean time I will be doing daily 10% water changes with water from work.
  10. I put a couple of pellets in there last night and I didn't see them this morning so I gave her five more this morning before I left for work. Both times she didn't eat them right away so I will see if they are there when I get home. She is mostly bottom sittling like she was in the main tank. She swam around a little but not for very long. This will complete the 2 weeks of metro powder.
  11. I transferred Daffodil to a 13 gal sterilite container yesterday. I used bottled water which I adjusted with baking soda to a pH of around 7.9. I put an airstone and small heater in there to hopefully make her more comfortable. I wanted to ask whether I should add the final dose Metro powder today and also if I should be adding any salt to the water. Crossing my fingers that she will get better. Thanks.
  12. A little good news. Lyle and Ruby are finally eating. I actually caught Lyle trying wedge himself between the pump and wall looking for food. My plan right now is to leave them in the stock tank, get some water from work and do daily 10% water changes with that water. The company who services our neutralizing tank are coming on Tuesday and we are sending out our water to be tested. Hopefully in the next week or so we will know what is causing our problems.
  13. Okay I over shot the pH. I assume I can just change out some water to get it down to the right level. pH is 8.2 KH is 125.3
  14. The tub has the bottled water. It's about 11 - 12 gallons.
  15. Daffodil's tank pH is 7.5. The Sterilite tub has a pH of 6.8 the KH is 35.8. Please let me know what I need to do to bring it up.
  16. I ran out and picked up a Sterilite tub and 15 gallons of bottled water. I put an airstone in the tub along with a small heater. I will transfer Daffodil as soon as the water temperature is close.
  17. If I get 10 gallons of bottled water tonight how close do I have to match the temperature? The tank is about 72* and I assume the bottled water is going to be different.
  18. I am using both high and low pH. It is below 7.6 on the low and above 7.4 on the high. I would like the same thing unfortunately our only relative lives about an hour away. I might be able to get water from work and bring it home that won't be able to happen until Monday.
  19. I have checked the pH multiple times at the beginning of water changes but never at the end until recently. So I can't say whether problems occurred when the pH was the same since they always had the same reading when I started a water change. I never had a problem with the fish when I put them in the pond. To be honest I wasn't very good at a water change schedule. Some weeks I would add water if it was low. Other weeks I would do a 40% water change. I would say most times it was 30-40% water changes every other week. I did not notice any symptoms with routine water changes. I don't remember having any problems when I brought them in last year. This year I did fishless cycle so I wouldn't have to change water as often. Last year I brought them in and treated them for flukes so I did more water changes. I'm not really aware of a place that has a water dispenser. I will see what I can do about locating another tub and some water. I just wanted to mention that I had another fish that someone gave me back in May die while in quarantine. Here's the thread link if you are interested in reading it. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/117397-new-sick-fish/
  20. Still freaking about my water but don't know what else to do. Initial water sample in the 20 gallon tub was pH 7.2 and KH was between 53.7 and 71.6 After aging for 24 hours the pH is 7.5 and KH is 71.6.
  21. We are going to get bottled water for drinking and cooking. I'm not sure what our options are for the fish. To be honest I don't think Daffodil is going to last much longer. She is very lethargic and hasn't eaten in days. Last night she got stuck on the filter intake. I'm not very hopeful.
  22. I'm freaking out a little right now. We actually got a notice in the mail that the local water authority was going to be putting in test wells in the area. Well I was just talking to my neighbor across from me and they put a test well on his property. Apparently freon was dumped in the area and they are monitoring the movement of the plume. I actually had my water tested about a year and a half ago by a company my friend works for. They are state approved testing facility which is all they do. With the problems sudden problems my fish are having I am really concerned. Obviously I will be getting my water tested immediately.
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