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  1. Wow, I'm sorry for not responding! I will be moving to Japan because my dad got orders to go there, he's a marine. The reason why I didn't respond....Opis died unexpectedly, and I couldn't bring myself to check the thread. Thanks for all your help, everyone!
  2. Lol, so many people have said that lately! I'm too scared to just hand him off to the lfs/trust some of the crazies on craigslist...but the former is my plan b. I''m afraid of him dying on the way.
  3. Hey everyone, I tried to make this happen earlier, but the thread kind of died...so I'm going to try again. My large aquarium decided to leak all over the floor when I was evacuated during the Black Forest Wildfires, and I had to get rid of it. I'm not allowed to put another "large" tank in the house. I know my black moor, Opis, isn't going to be happy forever in the ten gallon he's in....he mopes around all day and sleeps a lot (he's not sick, he's just active all night and asleep during the day...I accidentally threw off his clock by only turning on the lights at night...it was a stupid mistake). I'm sure he's lonely. As much as I love him, he needs to go live with some buddies in a larger tank, because I may be moving to Japan by the end of the year. I don't know if I'm willing to part with him right away, but it will happen eventually. I would rather he go to someone who knows goldies, and not someone who'll just put him in another little tank. I'm in Colorado Springs, CO...is anyone interested? Here's the link to the other thread, and there is a picture of him there. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/111233-tank-leak;-need-new-home/
  4. Hi, Now I really have to find him a new home--apparently, my dad got military orders and we are moving to Japan... So if anyone's looking for a goldfish...
  5. I really don't want to give him to someone who's gonna plop him into a five gallon tank. Any suggestions (incase no one wants him here?)?
  6. Sorry for not replying, but we've had some wifi issues lately. My parents really really don't want the tank in the house, so I'm still trying to find him a home.
  7. I considered re-sealing the tank, but with the water damage costs, there may not be any money left.
  8. Hi everyone, I'd like to start by saying I love my goldfish, Opis. He's a little black moor, and one of his eyes is just a hair larger than the other one. This morning, I walked in my room, and found that my 36 gallon bow front had decided to drain itself. About 15-20 gallons had gone into the floor, and somewhere into the ceiling below. I scooped out my goldfish and quickly put him in an empty 10 gallon. Regardless, it's going to take a lot of money to combat the water damage. Unfortunately, my parents are pretty sure I can't get a new tank, and I'm devastated. They're firm believers in the old "fish only get as big as their tank". Yeah right. I don't want to stunt Opis' growth. This poor little guy has already been through so much: due to the recent wildfires, he had to travel with me, and he's still stressed out. I know he can't live in the ten gallon tank forever. I really, really hate that I have to do this. I live in Colorado Springs, CO, and if I can't work things out, can someone take Opis for me? I'm looking for someone with a lot of experience, and who can deal with Opis' "down days". He gets stressed out really easy. He prefers a planted tank...I tried to do a bare bottom set up with no plants and a lot of terra cotta pots, but he freaked and hid behind the filter for days, so I had to temporarily house him in the ten gallon while I re-designed the 36. I have never seen him dig up a plant. I'm also looking for someone that won't re-home him, and who would send me updates. In the future, I would really want him back...if the stars align. Opis loves to interact with me, and he knows that when the lights come on in the morning, it's food time. He's really small, like, maybe 2-5 inches with tail (he swims around all the time, no way to measure him). I'm not sure of his age, but I would guess under a year. I'm sure he would love some tank mates, but the only creature with him now is an apple snail. When I first got him, he went through two rounds of prazi and salt as a precaution (he was bottom sitting). I really, really, really hope everything works out and I can keep my little buddy, but I'm posting this just in case. Thank you.
  9. Okay, thanks! I guess I just got some numbers confused, so I'll get everything back in line before he gets put back in.
  10. Hi, I literally JUST lost a goldfish today, and I don't think I could handle that happening again! My black moor, Opis (from a comedy show..don't judge , was recently moved into a larger tank and is now acting very strange. Ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites are all at zero. Same thing from the tap. The ph in this tank is around 6.6. This afternoon I introduced him to the tank. He has lost his black coloring (now copper), and is hiding behind the filter! When I tried to feed him, he went for it, then gave up. I'm really really scared he'll die--I know that sounds ridiculous, but I'm worried for him. I'm putting him back in his old tank to see if that helps out.
  11. I'm so sad; thanks. I wish I could have helped it.
  12. I'm sorry to say that when I woke up this morning to check on the fish, he had passed away. RIP little guy. If anybody has any idea what was going on, I would really like to know. I'll be burying him in the garden, I guess.
  13. The water params are fine..I keep them at zero by doing frequent changes. You have really cute goldies!
  14. Okay, I will be running to petsmart to pick up some supplies for my other fish. I'll check this as soon as I get back! Hopefully someone will know what to do...
  15. The salt WAS around .1 %, but I have brought it back down to zero for now, to give him a break. Thanks so much for helping me out!
  16. Yeah, I hope so to! Personally, I think having a fish is just like owning any other animal (this house is like a zoo!).
  17. So instead of the five gal bucket, I just realized I've got a unused one gallon tank, so I'm gonna use that.
  18. The video: Thanks. I hope it gets better, but I've got a bad feeling about this.
  19. Thanks. I do 25 percent water changes everyday, because I'm afraid anything larger will shock him. I tried to feed him medi-gold pellets for the first few days, but he wouldn't touch them...so I soaked some aqueon goldfish flakes and have been feeding him those. On his third day, I fed him a pea. He has been eating, but he's so tiny I have to grind everything up and it still takes him awhile. I can get a video of him in the tupperware, I think. I'll move him into a five gallon bucket as soon as the air stone arrives. I'll post a video momentarily. Oh, and yesterday was his last day of prazi and salt (really low dosage of this one).
  20. Unfortunately, over the past couple of hours, the little guy's health has gone down hill. I had to move him out of the tank and into a tupperware because he was having problems getting to the food. He mostly just lays on the bottom. His stomach seems to be a dark color. What the heck could that be? He made it through one round of prazi. My family doesn't understand why I'm so upset about the fish-- "They're fish, not dogs" or, "I don't want you to get upset over a fish; it's just a fish". Even though my dad agrees with treating it, he is insisting I can't get upset. He's out buying an air stone for it now. Is there anything I can do? I feel horrible that he's suffering. Please don't recommend putting him to sleep, as I've yet to encounter a situation that I feel ending a life is appropriate. One last thing. Do you think me being around stresses him out? Should I avoid the room and give him peace, or monitor him?
  21. Yes, I am using salt. And I'm glad to hear that...I'm so worried about the little guy!
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