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  1. I love your school of chubby cheeks!
  2. I second that, I have seen my Goldie's swim with poop that must be about 3-4x their own body length and they don't care
  3. I would love to take them but sadly I live too far away
  4. She is gorgeous I own 2 teles and one has nice small eyes and the other just has one that is just so overly large compared to the other
  5. I really like telescope goldfish however only if they have small eyes but i would like to hear other people's opinions
  6. Hehe I'm glad you like them! No drool in the pond though, please! Sorry where are my manners, I will bring a bucket next time to prevent drool in the pond Thank you! No problem got to keep the water clean and help out a hobbyist wherever possible
  7. Hehe I'm glad you like them! No drool in the pond though, please! Sorry where are my manners, I will bring a bucket next time to prevent drool in the pond
  8. haha I have been thinking of switching my tropicals into a smaller tank so I can have another goldfish... Either Roo or Luka would look great in my 42 gallon tank
  9. Gorgeous fish great find! now, now what have we told you about lying she's not your's she was meant to be mine
  10. They look gorgeous! I love both of them!
  11. I only have sponges and biomedia in my canister and am also running two sponge filters so it could help if I clean them each week then. Thanks for the advice
  12. I know I am not nearly as experienced as many people on this forum but could it be a wen growing as when some fish get older then develop a sort of small wen. One of my shubunkins has one
  13. I have 2 small telescope goldfish and have ended up with 10 white cloud mountain minnows, 2 zebra Danios and a weather loach. All but the goldfish I would like to move somewhere else however I have nowhere to move them and the fish had nowhere to go which is why I took them in off people. I have just been so busy lately with schoolwork that I haven't had time to test the nitrates or any of the water parameters but next week's water change I will test them for sure
  14. So I have had my 32 gallon goldfish tank set up for a couple of years and roughly 6 months ago I switched to a canister filter to keep up with the goldfish waste and it is doing a good job but the algae/diatoms are going crazy. After scrubbing all the tank walls and doing an 80-90% water change a few days later there is already algae/diatoms everywhere. I feed my fish every few days due to this to try and reduce nutrients in the water as all my plants and rocks are getting covered as well and I dont have a clue why this is happening as the tank is in a dark area. Any help would be appreciated
  15. They are gorgeous but please (im begging you) stop putting the idea in my head that I need a Ranchu again as I have no space left in any of my current tanks and that would lead to me setting up another tank and then I would find another fish I liked and the cycle would go on and on
  16. Aww I really like your fish as they are so small and cute and best of luck with your goldfish journey
  17. I have two telescopes who just take forever to grow and it is likely they will just stay small for the rest of their lives just like some people stay small and some get big it's just the luck of the genes you get.
  18. Im loving your new oranges and your other three are cute water pigs too
  19. So im finally back after being inactive due to school and then just to chill at the start of the summer holidays and I just wanted to update that Tishi and Tioku are doing well
  20. Last summer when I helped at one of my local pet stores this couple wanted some fish for a small hex tank and I tried to persuade them away from ryukins to a few white clouds which isn't exactly good either but it's all I could do and then they say they will keep looking so I leave them to it. I came back a few minutes later and see them getting some ryukins from a colleague and never has my blood boiled like that and you know what I told them they would die quickly if kept in that tank well I'm sorry goldfish but I hope you did die as it is less pain and misery for the goldfish and the people know the truth . I have tried approaching my friends about fish care and they are like they're just goldfish so there's no point me trying
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