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  1. used to be 4 now down to 3. Too much to clean up before.
  2. just be specific and people will reply. usually they cheak out the entire post, if the subject is specific in an area they feel comfortable in.
  3. I would think so - Unless you get a food clip, and see if they like to take bites out of the whole foods!
  4. The best way I can think of is through natural WATER CHANGE. (WATER) FREE AND CHEAP - (CHEMICALS) continued maintaince and dosing
  5. sorry to hear your new fish died :crp Hope the next one is more lucky
  6. fallenlordz


    You could clean it for presentation... My tank glass is full of brown and green algae also. I just leave it on, helps keep water problems down... eats excess nutrients
  7. i would say usually 24 hours depending on temp. Or until it has no smell
  8. should always test the tanks for 1-2 days ( I keep the tanks in my bathtub - just to make sure ) I also use a leveler just to make sure my surface is level and even. Dont want more pressure on one corner than the other.
  9. Right now I use a fluval 104 for my 30 gal. (works pretty good) If you are getting the 404 it should work great also. (I think they also have a spray bar for the fluval, but has to be purchased separately) For the Rena my friend has one, he said it works pretty well also. (But since I don’t own one… its kind of hard to tell) But I'll take his word for it. So I guess anyone would be good! Fluval 404 Tank Size 100 GPH 340 Rena XP3 Tank Size 175 GPH 350 hmm..... Kinda of the same for GPH
  10. you should upgrade soon ( i wonder how many water changes you must be doing for that little 10gal ) I would cheak different forums online (kokos goldfish STILL THE BEST ) You should find a deal near your place.
  11. I think they should be good for tranporting fish through the mail. Like when you buy fish online.
  12. For my buffering I use a media bag, and pour in sand (it was made for Cichlids - I get a perfect 7.4 everytime) Never have to use and conditioner or anything else for that matter. Then I put the media bag in my aquarclear filter. Alot easier to maintain and I never have to buy any ph conditioner liquid or powder. (More natural in my opinion)
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