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  1. I'm not sure about that D: I guess just ride it out. If they don't make it just be sure to get them out quickly. Or maybe separate them into a different container
  2. Photos!!! Your package has takenridiculously long to get to you i hope itcomes soon s
  3. That all depends on whether amazon wants to send my package. It had an arrival date of yesterday but says it hasn't even shipped yet I would like to see photos of your babies tho
  4. I actually lost most of mine cos I haven't recieved the filter I ordered and my back up air pump just about died and I haven't recieved the new one yet either so my water kept going bad really quickly whether I did water changes or not but the way they're laying eggs I'll get it right. It's been every few days for the passed month or more given I only get about 20 at a time lmao but still they're going at it like rabbits I swear. Right now I have one in a tiny bowl by the big tank in hopes I can keep it alive
  5. I'm excited for you! This has been my first time too so I'm learning as I go as well
  6. To be honest I didn't do my first changes until they were a few days old and eating cos I didn't want to shock them. If tthey're still in the egg it might not hurt but once they hatch you've got to be super careful
  7. You can leave them on the plant it should be fine. Mine are usually all over anubias but I pick them off cos the anubias are so big I don't like taking them out of the tank. I have about six little crypts floating in the tank with the babies now. mine are in a six quart steralite container by themselves you definitely don't want to leave them in the tank some people put them in breeder nets but I don't think I would trust it. Mine for the most part are eating hakari first bites but you should feed them very little at a time and frequently. About once a day I take a turkey baster and remove as much of the uneaten food as I can so it doesn't super ick the water
  8. Mine get omega one as their staple pellet. I have the really tiny ones for my smaller fish and the medium ones for the larger fish and they love it. They can't seem to get enough of it and they've been eating that for a few weeks and I've not had any problems. They get vegis and frozen blood worms and frozen brine shrimp in the evening
  9. The little guy is so cute good luck Tammy!
  10. When you replace prazi when it says, replace the whole dose. Prazi is only 100% active for three days. The reason we're waiting five before doing a WC is because the flukes need time to hatch before we can kill them. Ok good that makes sense as to why the bottle says three days then. Thanks (:
  11. That is exactly the schedule that I followed. I lost count of the rounds though and I believe I only did five. Just curious, did you use salt with the prazi as well for fry? I have always wondered if you can follow the exact same protocol for fry as for our older fish I used salt when i did it today
  12. Just one last quick question. When it says to replace prazi, that means put a whole dose in right? I know after a water change you only replace the salt that you took out but I'm not sure that's the same with the prazi
  13. Thanks ashlee you guys have been a big help!
  14. Thanks Chelsea! Hopefully ashlee or someone else will chime in and let me know whether this is ok for the fry! It'll be a big help. Thank you so much
  15. With the prazi, I started it today instead of yesterday. They got their first dose about 20 minutes ago. Now do I give a second dose in 3 days. I'm a little confused about the dosing instructions. );
  16. The ones in the first three photos are from the eggs above
  17. The photos go from youngest to oldest. There are about 4 bigger ones and about 12 babies. Everyone seems to be doing good
  18. It seems like mine never stop lol
  19. Awesome (: I'm getting anxious about it lol. I'm ready to get it done and over with
  20. My fry are a couple of days away from being two weeks old, should I wait until they are two weeks old before starting prazi? Or is it ok to start it in the morning? They'll be two weeks old on Thursday.
  21. Your tank is absolutely stunning!
  22. Aw yay! I just got some nerites myself and theyre so neat
  23. Thanks guys I'm really excited about it. Ive got a pond that I'm working on setting up that they'll go into when they're fish sized
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