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  1. I put an air stone in after a few days but with a little valve so you can control the air flow and make it just a little
  2. I hope these ones make it so badly! They'll probably hopefully hatch tomorrow. Ashlee, when should i put a sponge filter in with the babies?
  3. I actually lost the last few I had cos my air pump died and I couldn't keep the water good for long enough. But I have a new batch of eggs I'm waiting to hatch so maybe I'll have better luck this time. I finally got my amazon package with my new air pump and a sponge filter so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for them
  4. There will be some that are bigger than the others
  5. Mine never swarmed to it either but you'll see their bellies full and you'll see them poop
  6. They get very large. While fancies only get six to eight inches single tailed goldfish can get closer to 12 inches and sometimes even larger than that. So it's not just a matter of how much waste they produce but also how much room they have to actually swim in.
  7. By long bodied fish do you mean single tail goldfish like feeders, comets and shubinkin ?
  8. I haven't used egg yolk so I'm not sure just don't over feed them cos it'll make a mess
  9. It's just genetics I'm sure some of yours will also
  10. That's what my babies were too. Seeing their little tails was amazing. But like a quarter of them had single tails not double
  11. What kind of fish are they? or what kind of goldfish
  12. Do they have tail fins yet? Those are the cutest
  13. Spirulina is a type of algae. If you look in the frozen fish food section at your local pet store hikari has brine shrimp that are packed with it making them green. I'm not sure if there are other forms of it. I think some of my bottom feeder sinking tabs have it in them
  14. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/111783-fry-once-again/
  15. Her fry should be swimming by now they hatched maybe three or four days ago
  16. I use first bites for food. You'll see them picking at it and you'll see little poops too. I don't know anything about home made foods or anything. I'd give them hard boiled egg yolks before I'd try to give them flake food though
  17. I'd say definitely don't use kitty litter. There are chemicals and things in there that you don't want in your tank. You can use pretty much any aquatic soil. Some people use organic dirt and put gravel over it in pots and what was mentioned above. Some plants don't need a substrate and you can just attach them to rock's or wood
  18. He won't eat them if they don't fit in his mouth lol goldfish eat anything they can fit in their mouths. He might pick on them a bit
  19. First you'll see them looking like they're drunk not quite sure what they're doing and they'll start hanging at the surface just kind of floating there and then they'll start swimming a little less drunk like
  20. You can see their little egg sacs on their bellies. Once those disappear or get close to disappearing is usually when they start actually swimming and that's when they need food for their tiny bellies
  21. Mine usually start swimming the second day after they hatch and that's when I start feeding them they may not eat at first but the way I figure at least it's avaliabe to them
  22. I'm not too keen on euthanizing them if they don't make it than that's ok but I don't think I could do it so I think moving them is the best option
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