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  1. Wow those photos look amazing compared to the photos I can take with my phone. I really need to invest in a camera lol. Congrats on the babies! I was feeding mine first bites but then I just got frozen baby brine shrimp and the growth rate since I've been feeding them those has been ridiculous. My lps doesn't carry brine shrimp eggs or anything so I figured that's almost as good
  2. Im pretty positive they weren't from the same batch one was from amazon and it had the old package and the other was from petsmart and it had the new fluval package. I guess fluval makes the aquaclears now. Mine are on a surge protector cos in Florida we get a lot of power outages. I've thought about just turning the whole thing off when I clean but the fish get freaked enough with the filter off that I like to keep the bubbles going at least so they don't have little fish panic attacks. Lol All my equipment is on a power strip... I turn it all off while doing a waterchange. Then before I turn it on I fill the AC with water and turn the power on. 95% of the time they come on with out a hitch, only one will once in a while need a tooth pick to get the peller going
  3. I just did the chop stick trick with a plastic bendy straw and it totally worked lol that's awesome thank you!
  4. I just cleaned them today. But usually I unplug them and leave the water in them I don't dump them out so maybe I should just leave them set for a little while?
  5. I love my aquaclears but when I do water changes I unplug them because usually I bring the water level down below the intake and I don't want to burn them up. When I plug them back in they don't usually start back up right away I have to jiggle them and take the motor off and put it back on to make them go again. Is there something I am doing wrong, does anyone else have this problem? It's not just a bad filter because both filters on two separate tanks do it and I have bought them from two different places at different times. Is there something I could be doing differently so I dont have to deal with this every time?
  6. I've gotten all six of mine from petsmart. My petsmart gets them in when they're so tiny. One of mine still had fry green color when I got her and I haven't had any problems with any of them. I've had the first three for about a year and the other three for a few months. You just have to make sure they look healthy in their pet store tanks. No clamped fins bottom sitting bloatyness or things like that
  7. You've done such an awesome job Alex it looks so wonderful! In my opinion you can never have too many plants even though I'm sure you can
  8. Aw Alex he's beautiful! Congrats!
  9. Your tank and fish are just absolutely stunning!
  10. It looks great so far! Great idea adding native plants to the pond
  11. It wasn't freaky at all it was almost like a dance. He would chase her and she'd swing up into the anubias that are floating on the surface and she'd turn at the top and release her eggs. It was almost whimsical like a perfectly choreographed dance she was doing.
  12. So, my fish have been laying eggs quite frequently for the passed few months and I've been finding eggs on the plants and what not but, I've never actually seen them release the eggs. Well this morning I get out of the shower and turn their light on and there are eggs all over the plants so I decided to pull some out and I put them in with my fry. To my surprise after I've done this my male rohan starts chasing one of my females ziggy and for the first time ever I actually saw her laying eggs! It was pretty awesome to say the least. Even though it's only six thirty in the morning here I have to say I think that made my day.
  13. You should know by now whether they're fertile or not. If they turn cloudy white then they're not fertile but if they stay amber clear then they are. In my experience they turn white within about five hours or so.
  14. That's awesome! You did an amazing job! Can't wait to see it finished
  15. This is super cute. They should totally be for sale but maybe one that's not so giant for people to stick on their cars and stuff
  16. They're so cute and little. It looks like you have quite a few
  17. Thanks you guys that was very helpful!
  18. How long after the fry have hatched can I put a sponge filter in the tank with them?
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