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  1. Your betta is being territorial which is natural. If you could I'd try and seperate them
  2. To be honest with you for a pet store, I'm quite impressed with the article. Besides the salt thing and the fact they say goldfish shouldn't have protein or high protein in their diets they were pretty spot on in their article. Given they were a bit over stocked with tank size and amount of fish. It is a good point that if they did say 3 people probably wouldn't buy them and they could also be going by the old ten gallon per fish rule.
  3. It would mostly have to be trial and a lot of error to see what yours will and won't eat
  4. Some people I've seen on here use larger pebbles like river pebbles to put ontop of the gravel so the fish can't move them. You could also use those colorful stone marble things
  5. Hey, you'll get there when it's ment to happen! Everything happens for a reason
  6. Aw Daniel just take all five and make bubbles happy you're doing a great thing for her! A little wen never hurt anyone
  7. I wouldn't think he could have ammonia burns that bad but that's just me :3 it looks like a color change
  8. The goldies would definitely disturb that corner lol you could even use a cup as a pot. A mason jar a candle holder. You just have to think outside of the box a bit
  9. It could possibly be a sign that she's full of eggs. I'm sure you'll know soon enough
  10. Goldfish eat just about anything I've found they leave anubias and java fern alone for the most part. Any other plant I've had they've just destroyed
  11. Aw he's so big! Hopefully they don't try to make him a nom
  12. I separated the smallest one from the other three I don't think it was getting enough food so hopefully I can fatten it up a bit more
  13. Thanks everyone! The big baby is getting close to a half inch long!
  14. The first photos are on the 3rd of this month These are of the babies today Theyre getting so big! I'm a proud mama They were in a quarter cup and moved up to a half
  15. Aw yay new babies! Lucky must have been hiding for a while!
  16. That's really exciting! Good luck
  17. They're fantails This one is about seven weeks and about a half inch
  18. I was feeding first bites and as soon as I switched to the frozen bbs within like two or three days the babies almost tripled in size. It was ridiculous. I'm not sure you'd have the same reaction to it lol but that's what happened for me
  19. First bites are great I feed that the first week or two but I've had a lot better luck with frozen bbs they grew so much more with the bbs
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