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  1. Awesome I believe we have some of that under the kitchen sink. How long should I leave it in for?
  2. If I don't have pp how should I go about cleaning them before I put them in the tank? Pp at the hardware store is ridiculously expensive
  3. They can still get flukes even if the parents don't show signs so it's always good to treat them. My first few times none of my fry survived then I had about 40 and only four made it. Now I have another two that are a few weeks old. So even if you're doing everything right you'll always lose some
  4. I have to apologize! I just realized this was your first post! Welcome to kokos!
  5. I have to agree with Chelsea, I'd return it and get a better filter. With goldfish you want atleast 10x filtration. So if you have a ten gallon tank, you'd want a filter that filters 100 gallons per hour.
  6. It looks like it suction cups to the side of the tank so I don't think you're supposed to put the whole thing under water
  7. Aw I'm so sorry you lost flipper but your new blue is gorgeous! I got a baby blue oranda on Saturday too
  8. I have a feeling as well that it's going to be water quality issues. I'm glad he's got a friend like you that's willing to do this for him and help him out.
  9. I know the mods will want the form at the top to be filled out prior to giving advice. Are the white spots only on the gill plates and around the eye of the fish? They really do look just like breeding stars
  10. That's how I started as well. I got three fantails about a year ago and they're massive beasts now and I have four big fry from them that are probably pushing 3 months old and two fry that are about two weeks old
  11. You can keep them in the 20 gallon tank but you'll want to lower the water level to about six inches deep. If you can't find a sponge filter at the store you can order them on amazon for fairly cheap but you need an air pump and air tubing to use them
  12. Moby is beautiful! This is my Moby!
  13. I think he's a cutie. He's the only one that consistantly stayed at the front of the tank for the fifteen or so minutes I stood watching them. I knew then that if I was taking one home it was that one
  14. I like rescuing Walmart fish (when I did) I got Merlin my blue butterfly telescope and Baby Blue my blue Ryukin.Your Oranda is beautiful! And quite healthy looking from what I can see in the pictures He looks pretty healthy for the most part to me as well he has some torn fins but nothing that clean water and such cant fix I can't imagine how long it would take to get the perfect platinum colored fish lol 60-80 years probably lolSent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2 Maybe you'll get lucky
  15. The Oscars seriously make that tank look so small. They're beautiful
  16. I can't imagine how long it would take to get the perfect platinum colored fish lol
  17. That makes sense! I wasn't sure whether the baby would be blue or lavender. But I think I like blue a lot better (; he was at Walmart and every week I go and look at the fish just cos and I saw him last week and told myself if he was still there I'd get him this week
  18. What's the difference between blue and lavender? How can you tell lol they all look the same to me
  19. Ashers finnage is absolutely gorgeous. Such a gorgeous fish
  20. If your pet store carries them you could also get one of those separated breeding boxes
  21. Otherwise they may end up like the others unfortunately. Some people are able to keep bettas and tropicals together but only in larger aquariums where the betta can have its own territory
  22. I have something similar that I got from dr foster & smith and the plastic part in the back comes off. You don't have to use it so I optedto leave it off instead of having to go through the hassle of cutting it.
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