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  1. Can they be together in the same tank or should I keep them separate? I have a white cloud that's been living in a five gallon tank by himself for a while and last night I got a betta. Right now the five gallon is divided because I had a neon in with the cloud and the cloud picked on the neon relentlessly so I had to take them apart. Shortly after the neon passed I think he was just so stressed out he never fully recovered. Should I keep the tank divided? Its pretty heavily planted with crypts
  2. It really depends on your fish. Mine started spawning around may or June and stopped about a month to month and a half ago. Although I did have one lone spawn about two weeks ago and saved one fry. It was a small spawn.
  3. Frozen bbs! Less hassle than live ones and they work just as good. I keep the hikari ones on hand almost all the time just in case.
  4. That was an amazing thing to do for a friend especially being so costly for a just because kind of thing. I have a feeling some good karma will be headed your way!
  5. I'm not sure what temp you'd need to keep them at. I live in Florida so I don't use a heater. But you don't need a filter at the moment you may want to use a bubbler to keep the water from going bad though. If you have one of those air line things to control the flow of the air going into the tank I'd use it. I can't for the life of me think of what they're called. Also you won't have to start feeding them until a few days after they hatch and if you can't do live bbs, frozen bbs are the next best thing. Just put them into the tank filled only a couple of inches, six tops you don't want the pressure of the water to hurt their fragile little bodies
  6. Generally it'd be safe to stay away from any ceramics that have glaze on them but I don't see why you can't put glass decor in the tank. Are the things you're talking about, do they have color in the glass or is the glass painted? If the actual glass is painted, I'd stay away from those as well because paint also contains lead and it can flake off after a while and you most definitely don't want the fish to eat it
  7. I saw those on there earlier this week I'm surprised there are still some left I know there have been a few people that have gotten fish from him on here.
  8. Your tank is really one of my favorites on here! I loved the aesthetic value the driftwood had but it looks just as amazing without it. It's gorgeous.
  9. What a little cutie! I've grown fond of moors
  10. That made me giggle lol I'm sure you also didn't want to break it though I know those babies aren't cheap
  11. When the impeller doesn't start right up when you turn the filter back on it usually needs to be cleaned. A trick that the people on this forum taught me that I believe originated from dnalex was to use something to kick start the impeller after you turn it on. I use a qtip and just spin the impeller after I put water in the filter and it usually takes one spin and it starts right up. when I have to put the motor back on I just turn it so its perpendicular to the filter box and it slides right in and then you twist it towards the back of the filter box and it locks in place
  12. They're so beautiful! They remind me of my calico fantail ziggy.
  13. That last photo is great! It made me laugh I'm glad little chu is doing better I always hate seeing these threads
  14. He's so cute! That's about how big my calico Tele was when I got him. He's about three times that size now and that was only a few months ago. Maybe in may?
  15. To help aid the mods in the proper course of action to take to help your little chu, fill out the form at the top of the page. Someone will be along to help you They're great
  16. I totally agree with what flipper just said lol.
  17. I love the nerites as well. Mystery snails don't really do a great job at cleaning the algae but the nerites are amazing.
  18. It looks like breeding behavior to me but if you're positive Leo is a male then I'm not quite sure what to make of it. I never see my females chase my male. I'm curious to see what the conclusion to this is though
  19. I went a head and did it for a few minutes. If it doesn't make it, it's not that great of a loss lol. I was just planning on dumping it in the pond and hoping it makes it but until then I wanted to see if I could multiply it in the tanks
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