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  1. Thats true, who knows where she would have ended up
  2. The only reason I decided to go a head with it is I have a nice 125 gallon pond just waiting for a nice fish. While she's still so little I might go pick out another feeder or two from the pet store for her.
  3. They're sword plants so I'm sure they won't be too happy with salt. I only got them so she wouldnt get bored in her plain lonely tank
  4. So if I do it this way only add prazi back in when I do a water change if I see ammonia and nitrite? Unless it's been the five days and then I'd do a water change and add prazi back like normal
  5. Ok so instead of doing it every five days just do it every day for three days?
  6. Well, we went to the fair yesterday and I did what no one should ever do, I convinced my bestfriend to win me a fish at the fair lol. That's why she's my 5$ fair fish even though she's a cheap feeder goldfish (; but I do have some questions. One our way home we stopped at the pet store so I could get a filter for my spare ten gallon tank for her. I haven't started prazi yet because I wanted to see what everyone says. Obviously the tank isn't cycled so I wanted to know whether it would be a good idea to start the prazi on an uncycled tank or wait until I have a cycle going before I start it. I don't imagine she will create enough waste to make her living conditions bad inbetween prazi water changes. She's probably less than an inch long and super tiny. Like the smallest feeders you can buy is where I'm sure she came from. I put two new sword plants in with her as well. So my question is would it be ok to start prazi on her now and not do water changes inbetween rounds?
  7. I agree with Alex that's super neat lol. I don't imagine the fish to be quite thrilled about it but then again it might not even have a clue lol
  8. This is pretty exciting I'd really like to go if I can get off work.
  9. That is quite possibly the cutest grumpy face ever and from the looks of the second photo I'd say its a little grumpy gal
  10. Cider is absolutely gorgeous as is ushi but I'm a little sad to see ushi losing some of her black. I got their names right didn't I? if not you know what I mean lol
  11. Ive totally been waiting for this lol. Ive been saving a 5$ off coupon just for this occasion.
  12. katearei


    It's because of the crypts lol. The other side has a white cloud. I had a tropical tank with some neons and white clouds and he was the last remaining one. He's actually pretty old I want to say almost 3 years. the gravelactually isn't too much itsjust the angle I took the photos and when roots start pokingout I just put a handful of gravel in lol
  13. It looks like someone dropped oranges in the bottom of the pond. They're so round and fat ;3
  14. You can move your filter but it'd be better not to move the water and just start with fresh clean water. They'll appreciate that. The filter is what's cycled so giving them fresh clean water will be like doing a 100% water change
  15. Our house is on well water so it's pretty much water straight from the ground and our water softener doesn't work right so its pretty much just water lol. There's no added chlorine or anything like that so I just fill the tank up and add prime and everyone's happy. I might not do it the same if I were on city water though. And when I'm siphoning water out I keep the tube close to the surface so if I do get water in mouth it's not gunky gross water lol. Plus you can always spit it out into the bucket, it's not like you're going to reuse that water anyways.
  16. What herts said is exactly what I do with my five gallon lol I use like half inch clear tubing that's sold by the foot at hardware stores and is really fairly inexpensive. When refilling I use a cup or use my python but just put the faucet on a very gentle flow pointed at the side of the tank or the back
  17. katearei


    My mum says teal too but when you actually see him he's more of a dark blue with aqua and red accents. It's just so hard to capture it in photos and they just blend together and look teal lol. He's just beautiful
  18. katearei


    He seems really docile for a male betta. He doesn't flare at me or at his reflection in the tank. He actually likes having his photo taken he swims up to the front and just hovers while I snap photos of him
  19. katearei


    I'm very smitten with him. Now that the water cleared up I'm going to try to get some better photos of him
  20. Thanks angi that's what I was thinking too. This is the first betta I've had in a long time. The last time we had bettas was back when it was ok to keep them in bowls. Well I guess it was never ok but that's how they used to sell them. With the peace lily on top
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