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  1. When I first put plants in the tank it took them a while to figure out they could eat them (; I tricked them for a while. It was planted with fake plants and one by one I slowly switched them out but they're not dumb haha they figured it out
  2. Thats true (; I wish I could munch all day like they do and still keep my figure haha. But they make their little chubby tummies look so adorable
  3. I've been seeing a lot of posts about being upset because the fish are eating all the plants in the tanks like little monsters. I have a few plants in my tank and one of my ladies ziggy likes to munch them. When I go to the pet store I always see they have lettuce leaves hanging in the tank and I wonder if you provide them with things like that on a daily basis that you actually want them to eatif tthey'll leave the plants alone. Just a thought that popped in my head (;
  4. I vote sherbet. He has the cutest grump face ever!
  5. What do y'all mean by a forked tail?
  6. How big are they in the last photo? They look a lot bigger than I think they actually are.
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