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  1. What in your opinions are the best kinds of snails to go in the tank with the goldfish?
  2. Could you post some photos of the red root floaters? I'm curious what they look like ;D
  3. They've been eating first bites I've seen them make little poops so I know they're eating I haven't tried to vary the diet yet
  4. In another week or two I will be. They're only a week old. Well dos is only a week old now.
  5. I lost one of the little babies over night and it makes me so incredibly sad. I was calling them uno and dos and I lost uno the one with the more noticeable tail. So now I just have dos.
  6. Aw that's so cute! I hope it gets the ryu body with a single tail that'd be soso incredibly cute!
  7. What kind of fish is Cleo? She looks like she's got a ryukin hump but she also looks like she's got a wen? Maybe I'm just seeing things (;
  8. I think anubias are my favorite aquarium plant and yours look great! Hopefully the little piggies leave these ones alone for you!
  9. I Couldnt be more excited alex!
  10. I used to buy them big (and I still do sometimes) but I grew a different ryukin and he's gorgeous now! I love to see the changes Hehe. Thank you!! :D Thanks!! So cute!! It looks like the Ryukin I'm trying to save Thank you... and best of luck to your rescue I love watching them grow and change colors. The best part is seeing what they turn into
  11. That little guy is so adorable! All six of mine I got when they were about that size. It's great watching them grow!
  12. You do see little tails! It's amazing
  13. They're super tiny but they've almost tripled in size since they hatched!
  14. Today is day four and they're starting to look like fish I'm incredibly excited! Im not sure why the pictures are kind of blurry. They didn't get like that until after I uploaded them to photobucket.
  15. That's what I have to look forward to with my two babies ;D they're not quite interested in food yet but I think tomorrow will be the day!
  16. Thanks Kat so far everythings gone good! I'm really excited to see them grow Thank you Tammy!
  17. I was looking for bbs but all the eggs I could find had bad reviews like being out of date when they're recieved and stuff like that so I was a bit hesitant to do it. Where do you get yours from?
  18. Your tank and fish are absolutely gorgeous!
  19. I've read that a turkey baster can be used to get the eggs out but it's a bit tricky if they're stuck to the bottom. I have tiny hands so I just use my fingers and pick them out which can take a bit of time. But if they're definitely bad eggs you don't want to leave them in there. It'll foul the water real quick and could cause problems for the babies
  20. It's almost hard to believe those tiny little things will turn into big beautiful goldfish
  21. I've been reading this and I'm really glad to see everything is getting better I know how worried you were when this started and I'm super glad it's almost all the way better. Good luck with the rest of the ride (: it looks like it should go smoothly
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