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  1. Your fish are beautiful! I love how bright the colors are.
  2. Almost all are hatched and are wiggling around
  3. I love her markings and her dorsal! She's beautiful!
  4. I have a green cylinder one and I'm pleased with it it's been going strong for over a month it's about 24" long
  5. Thank you.Few days ago,I wrote an article about how to raise goldfish in my way.Now ,I am trying to translate it into English.I want to share it with everyone. That'd be great! I'd love to read your article
  6. Welcome to kokos. Your English will get better with time but we can all understand you perfectly fine. Your fish are beautiful!
  7. Aw congrats Tammy! Hopefully some will be fertilized and you'll get some babies out of it
  8. Thanks ashlee I need all the luck I can get lol
  9. The first two didn't make it. I lost one in the morning then later that night I lost the other. Let's hope I have better luck with these guys. Yay for photobucket making them blurry x super
  10. They look bad to me. My eggs usually hatch on day two after being laid
  11. Aw chubbs is beautiful. He looks a lot like my fantail ziggy
  12. Aw I love the little pom poms
  13. Aw what a cutie. I have a soft spot for orandas. Does yours have little pom poms?
  14. I absolutely love Allen's orange mustache! Steve is quite the looker himself (;
  15. I don't blame you! They're so beautiful. I can't wait until my Tele and moor start breeding. Right now only the fantails are breeding and I just pulled about 40 eggs out of their tank. I stopped counting at 20 so I'm guessing it's roughly 40.
  16. Lol my fantails are still laying. They've been laying for about two months. Everytime I do a water change the next day there are eggs in the tank. Given there aren't very many but it's getting old. I've just been letting them eat them all.
  17. They'd be so happy to have a vacation from the tank ;P mine will get one before our winter I'm hoping. If everything goes according to plan
  18. What cuties! I hope they keep some of their black
  19. They're such pretty babies! I love all their coloring so much!
  20. My goldies have had snails before so they're not new to the concept they pretty much left my mystery snail alone
  21. I had mystery snail at one point and he didn't really do anything with the algae but they are fun to watch. I think what I need are nerites
  22. Apple snails are the same as mystery snails, correct?
  23. Seems nerites are the winner (; I'd just have to wait until theyre big enough to not be a snack
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