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  1. I Plan on it its so neat watching them grow Thank you!
  2. In the round two photos, the water isn't green its actually light blue from the meth blue but the way the light reflected it looks green. Also one from the first round of fry doesn't swim right. It swims kind of upside down and has a hard time staying right side up, any idea why this is? It seems to be doing ok it gets food and can swim to the surface. It's just kind of loopy when it swims.
  3. The first round of fry there are 12 left I only lost two after they hit 4 days old. As of yesterday they're one week old. The second round hatched Tuesday and I fed them for the first time just now. There are five of them. The third round I collected out of the tank yesterday evening and there are 12 more eggs with newly developed eyes in them. Round one: This is the biggest of the bunch This is the smallest Round two: Round three:
  4. Great job on the fixture! It looks awesome, like it should have been a part of the tank. Unless you tell people, I'm sure they won't know that you made it yourself. (; Your fish are absolutely beautiful as well. Big old fatties just like they should be (;
  5. Generally if there is ammonia in my tank when I do a giant water change the ammonia level goes down. I am also wondering if there might be a higher ppm of ammonia in the tap water than in mine or yours mikey. Having the test results of the tap would be a great help to Alex in this situation I am led to believe but I'm going to leave that all to him (; Seeing as I'm not experienced enough to help in this department.
  6. I hope your baby gets better soon ): I'm sorry this is happening to you right before you take vacation
  7. Maybe ill try that and see what happens i Have some snails in there now to help
  8. I've got green algae and brown diatomes. So eventually all the brown will go away and I'll just have green to deal with? The tanks been going for almost a year. I'd much rather have green than brown. The brown looks so gross.
  9. I have the same problem in my tank farthest from any sunlight but I also have green so I'm curious as well. I scrub and scrub and its never enough
  10. update: they all are doing great there are14 of them all swimming around in the baby crypts. On another note my relentless fantails gave me five more to add tothe bunch:
  11. I think sand looks really nice in tanks in comparison to gravel and rocks. Frida and cow are so cute
  12. He's super cute! Kind of reminds me of a pirate (;
  13. Yes, I suppose, although I haven't really seen a calico looking fish that's actually not a calico lol I should have been more specific haha I meant between tri color and calico. I never knew what the difference was
  14. Oh gotcha! So if it's calico looking unless it has both metallic and matte scales it's not technically a calico?
  15. She's beautiful as she is! I said an almost calico . she has black on the tips of her tail. . If her color keeps changing as it is, she will be a calico.Noooooooooo Having back in addition to red/white will make her a tricolor. You need blues and nacreous scales in the mix in order to be a calico. Whats nacreous Alex?
  16. They all seem to be doing great swimming around I'll try to feed them tomorrow
  17. This made me laugh cos I thought this was about plecos as well then all of a sudden I click it and its suction cups! I was all "who'd throw a fish away!??" Awesome tip though I'm going to keep this in mind
  18. I didn't know you could get aphids in your aquarium D: that's awful. I get them on my tomatoe plants and they're awfully hard to get rid of without using some kind of pesticide which you obviously can't do with aquarium plants
  19. Everyone officially hatched last night and this morning they're all swimming around and clinging to the baby crypts I put in there (: I only lost a few one of which had a bent back so I'm glad I didn't have to cull the poor little guy I'm not sure I could do that
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