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  1. That's a good idea but they're not bothering me or the fish so I can't justify a mass murder just yet
  2. You guys are seriously the best (: <3 I'm gona pm Alex#2 and see what he says
  3. Is salt ok to use with bettas? I've never put salt in their tank before
  4. I only counted about six lmao so it's not really a problem as of yet. I squeezed the filter stuff from the aquaclear out in the sink with clean water and cleaned out the filter box and everything. I am kind of hoping the bettas will find them and eat them but the one was in there for quite some time and they paid him no mind so I don't give them much credit towards cleaning up the mess
  5. No I didn't but I got them from a reputable place so I didn't expect I'd have to. Lesson learned lmao.
  6. After Daniel said they're prolific breeders curiosity got the best of me and I took the filter apart there actually weren't as many as I'd expected to see but there were a few I think it's too late to try to eradicate them they're already there and who knows how many are actually in the tank. I'll have to tear down the tank again and completely redo it if I want to get rid of them.
  7. That clears things up lol. atleast I know what it is now. If it gets out of hand, the goldfish may just get some yummy snacks.
  8. What kind of snail is this? I tore down my betta tank about a month ago and found this little guy in my filter. I figured he came on some plants I ordered online. He was just one so I figured if he survived my bettas I'd let him stay. Well to my surprise I found this tiny little guy on the glass of my tank about ten minutes ago when I went in to feed the bettas dinner. How do these guys reproduce. I was positive I only had one in there.
  9. Yeah some of them look like single tails and some look like they're gonna be double tails. I just picked that guy for the video bc he was the easiest to catch. I would really love to see a single tail oranda that would be so neat!I think so too! I'm so excited to see how they are gonna turn out! I can picture it in my head and it makes me giddy
  10. Yeah some of them look like single tails and some look like they're gonna be double tails. I just picked that guy for the video bc he was the easiest to catch. I would really love to see a single tail oranda that would be so neat!
  11. It looks like you might have a single tail so super cute
  12. Lol it does sound bad but I know where you're coming from. I've never had to deal with the numbers you're dealing with but I've had some big die offs. One of my first batches was only about 30 and I ended up with only four. Three of which I still have and they're huge now almost ready for babies of their own. I only have six fry from three different batches None of which were very big at all lol
  13. Goldfish are always "hungry" atleast they think they are. Just keep and eye on them. If something were wrong with them I'm not sure there would be too much you can do other than prazi because they're so young. If I were you I'd expect some losses especially with so many. Natural selection at its best. In the end you'll still end up with a ton of babies
  14. Just for the record for anyone interested I've treated fry from day one with prazi with no problem (; you're doing a fantastic job lis keep it up (: as for the not eating them part, they might just not be hungry? I'm not sure about that I know ive seen my fry and adults do that from time to time. Usually with the adults I think they just already have a mouthful and can't help themselves lmao
  15. I agree with the switching tubs. It's a lot easier than trying not to suck them up and your chances of hurting them are less.
  16. I'm not sure you'd want to keep them in the tank with the goldfish. I think they might be able to get out of the breeder net and become a snack.
  17. Your tanks and bettas are both absolutely gorgeous!
  18. I am so sad its not real lmao They are the large bamboo plants from foster and smith http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+6635+25949+25964&pcatid=25964
  19. He's so cute. Congrats! I have A kitty named moose lmao
  20. Aubrey you can always get the frozen bbs hakari makes them that's what I use with my fry so if you don't want to go through the trouble of whether or not your bbs will hatch next time there's always that option (; my petsmart carries them in a freezer by the fish section.
  21. I second the hump thing! I don't care for the big hump and deep body it doesn't look right at all
  22. Shelly what are those big bushy plants? They're beautiful!
  23. You'll want to start feeding them once their egg sacs disappear and around that time they're usually starting to free swim. You could try around day 3 feeding them and watch to see if they eat any. Before when your tank got really cloudy it could have been because of the egg yolk.With the prazi,I've had my fryaround it since the time they hatched people on here recommend starting it around two weeks but if you start it sooner it won't hurt them.
  24. He's beautiful and I second the super cute accent (:
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