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  1. Thanks Chelsea. Your input is really helpful. I won't add more goldfish in this case (but perhaps I might in future when I feel emotionally ready for it again).
  2. I have a bit of a long post but I hope you'll bear with me. After some trial and error, through reading Koko's Forums, I learned the importance of adequate tank size, filtration, water changes, monitoring water chemistry etc. And since 2013, I managed to keep 3 fat, short-tail ryukins relatively happy (I think) in a 4ft aquarium. There was (and still remains) a supporting cast of 8 zebra danio in there with them. This year, tragedy struck. First Hershey scratched her eye quite badly, and her condition worsened rapidly. She died within 2 days. Last week, Revlon who's been living with floatiness* for months also started appearing quite weak. *I feed the girls Alex's No Float Gel food. Before her deterioration she would swim normally except for several hours after feeding time. Her change in condition was probably my fault, as it happened after I missed one water change (I promise I'm usually very diligent otherwise). Today Revlon looked like she would not make it, so I euthanized her. Which leaves me with Tumblelina, who is still active and healthy. Losing Revlon and Hershey so suddenly was really upsetting. And I am really not in the frame of mind of getting any new goldfish to replace them. I also reasoned that keeping my water parameters healthy would be easier, with fewer goldfish. That being said, I need to know if being the only goldfish in the tank would be less ideal for Tumblelina in the long run. She still has the 8 danio around her though. Any advice regarding the social needs of fancy goldfish will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Josh
  3. She's still not responding well to my hand and tends to shy away. Waits till the food drops and lands before attempting to pick it up. I feel bad watching her plan her breakaway from prison but its a necessary evil to allow Hershey's fins to heal.
  4. She's a psychopath! Lol. After a brief time-out in the floating basket I released her, but he bullying hasn't stopped. Because Hershey had another split in his dorsal today I've decided to try isolating Revlon in the basket for a little longer. At least until Hershey's fin heals. They're quite clean splits along the rays so I think he'll be okay if left alone. Thanks for asking Alex!
  5. Do you reckon it'll cause her stress if I leave her in there for a few days just to see if her aggression subsides? It isn't too hard to catch her but I don't want her to associate humans=colander=prison.
  6. Jokes aside, I'm hoping that the floating basket might help for now as I really like my tank layout currently. I have a theory that she's acting this naughty because she's a little spooked by me still. (Because I notice the bullying is more intense during feeding and she runs away from my hands) I wonder if by keeping her in the basket and taking time for her to learn that my hand= food might help.
  7. Helen, collector of wayward fishies...
  8. We started to notice that our ryukin Revlon is acting like a thug. Especially during feeding, when she will deliberately chase Tumblelina and Hershey around, or give them body slams, or nips at them. Tumblelina always fights back but Hershey is too gentle and so he always retreats and has a small split in his dorsal. I've resorted to placing Revlon in a floating basket for now. She seems to realize she is in prison and tries to break away though. Ironically whilst the others love coming towards my hand during feeding, Revlon is the only one who stays away and only eats food that I drop to the bottom. What can I do to help? If it helps to know, she is the latest addition to the tank of all the goldies.
  9. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I last updated this thread. Basically I'd been continuing with the Prazi routine, without any new developments, until today... I noticed some strange poop. I can't believe I am taking photos of poop, but here it is: The darkish black ones are the normal poop. Ignore the single orange speck, that's a rogue gravel. The strange poop is the pale, translucent ones. I'm not sure if all of them are pooping these, though I did notice one coming out of Hershey. I have no idea what they are! They were not fed anything different.
  10. Okay I will! Next week there will be a break in posting though, I have a business trip coming up. My partner will keep up the Prazi rounds though! I'm in St Kilda, so not very far from the city. I'm glad too. There's still a bit of sitting but nowhere close to before. I'm noticing some dorsal clamping when Hershey swims, but I'm not too concerned at the moment. In any case here are today's photos - the photos are quite blurry because they are trying their hardest to get away! The white spots are just some floating Prazi particles...
  11. Hello everybody, I feel that both Tumblelina and Hershey may actually be on the mend! Very active swimming, didn't notice any bottom sitting today either. Fingers crossed the fluke treatment is working. Did a massive water change after coming home from work, starting round 2 of prazi tomorrow! Here are their pics. I'm starting to feel maybe I shouldn't be posting so much on this thread and take away your time from helping others with more serious emergencies...
  12. Good morning, these are the top views of Tumblelina and Hershey today. Tumblelina is sitting a little less today, and so is Hershey (he seems to be hanging out near the top a bit thought - will keep observing). Glad to hear that! Can you share which are the products that I should be avoiding?
  13. Hi Helen, I use the Blue Planet Fluke and Tapeworm Tablets. It comes in tablets of 100mg praziquantel. I dose as recommended on the bottle, at 1 tablet per 20 liters. I crush and dissolve it in a cup of tank water before pouring it in.
  14. Thanks Alex, I am definitely going the full 6 rounds of Prazi, even though its a lot of water to change... Really appreciate all the advice, I want Tumblelina and Hershey to live years and years!!!
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