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  1. I'm so glad that Walter is healed, and growing like a weed. You did good!
  2. I do a lot of research too before purchasing any plants, fish, equipment, or substrate. The only problem I run into is the conflicting information that I read. For instance I had read that ottos were good tank mates for fancy goldfish, and have had 3 in my Goldie tank for about 2 months I think. Yesterday one of my Goldie's tried to eat one of the Ottos, and I had to remove the Otto from the goldies mouth using tweezers:( Today the Otto's are being moved to the shrimp tank...hope the info about them being compatible is right;) I wish you the best in your aquascaping... I don't know much of anything about plants, so can't offer any advice, but it looks as if you've got it all under control, and know the right places to get the right information:)
  3. Ok I've thought about my above comment, and I have decided that I have learned MY lesson. As soon as I catch the three ottos I have with my Goldie's they are going into the 10 gallon shrimp tank.
  4. One of my Oranda's tried to eat one of my Otto's today. I had to play doctor and remove the Otto out of Miles' mouth with a pair of tweezers. Both are doing fine. Hopefully Miles learned his lesson and won't ever try that again!
  5. I like the top layout the best. Best of luck with your shrimp tank. I've just set up a shrimp tank myself. So far I have several crypt plants, and a Compact Amazon, a sponge filter, a submerged filter, heater, 1 Magenta Mystery Snail, 3 Ottos, and this Friday the 10 Painted Fire Red Shrimp I got on Aquabid should arrive. I think the plants you have chosen will look great!
  6. Beautiful guy! Mod's are great here. Wishing him a fast recovery!
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