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    Have you ever used Praziquantel or Droncit to treat your goldies for flukes? Didn't you just have a wonderful time trying to get the powder dissolved in the water? Oh, and how can you ever forget the utter ecstasy you felt while you were looking at your measuring spoons trying to figure out how much to use when the instructions say 50 grams treats five thousand gallons? I had such a good time mixing prazi that I learned all these new four letter words while I was shaking a milk jug and squashing lumps with the back of a spoon. Heck... I learned them so well my goldfish were cowering in the back of the tank by the time I got the prazi poured into their aquarium. Well, if you didn't really enjoy mixing prazi powder in water, or if you just don't want your kids to show off their newly learned vocabulary at school try PraziPro from Hikari's Aquarium Solutions division. PraziPro is simply Praziquantel dissolved in an inert solubilizing agent (oxybispropanol). And get this... The instructions are to use 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons of water, which results in a concentration of 2.5mg/L ... no more grams per gallon. Find out more at http://www.uskoi.com/prazipro.htm PraziPro is (or will be shortly) available at LPSs that sell Hikari products or on-line from Goldfish Connection. I recently used this product to treat flukes on a newly acquired fish and it worked as well as the powder form of prazi. I highly recommend this product... that is, unless you feel the need to expand your vocabulary of four letter words. Rick
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