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  1. A point I over looked. What filtration do you actually have? its running 3 large external filters on it approx 6000 lph i am actually gobsmacked that you consider a 500L tank with 7 small and 1 larger fancy goldfish overstocked.....its not like ive got 6 12" comets in there. even when i had 7 singletails in there 7" down to 5" the water parameters were perfect
  2. 8 2" goldfish in 500 litres of water and you say im overstocked...i disagree plus they are not going to all be in there forever i have another 350L tank not set up yet to put some in sooner or later
  3. theres already some wood and algae covered pebbles/rocks/hideouts in there...however i do overclean the glass,i like a gleaming tank...i might leave the backwall for him
  4. ive just transferred my comets to a pond and have transferred my 8 fancies to my 110G i also now have an empty 55G but ive got plans for that they are fantails,lionheads and ranchus ranging from 4" down to 1.5" most are around 2" only young at the minute i want to add a different fish to the mix and am thinking of going for either a BN pleco or 2 weather loaches the tank is heavily filtered which would be the best option i would prefer the pleco personally but is it an ok choice
  5. what a beautiful set up adnan im not a fan of tropicals in general, ive had tropical tanks before and never really enjoyed them like i do with my goldies but there is something about an oscar that appeals to me especially the dark/red/tiger ones. i just hope im not doing him/her a disservice by having one in a 55...like i say its overfiltered with perfect water and home to a bunch of growing ranchus and lionheads at the minute,then once my bigger comets go to a pond they move up to the 110 gallon with some fantails already in there
  6. 6 years and he was fine thats ok then,knowing what im like hell be in something bigger than a 55 long before that,im a constant tank changer i didnt want to go too big because i really dont want more than 1 and if you get two that wont live together its a hassle.plus ive already got a 110 in the same room lol.....i never have much luck with tropical compatibility i had a group of rainbowfish that were worse than cichlids thats why i wanted a tank solely for 1 big powerful fish
  7. so ive decided i want a tiger oscar at the minute i have 2 coldwater tanks a 110 gallon and a 55......i am rehoming some of my goldies to a pond transferring my fancies from the 55 and want a tiger oscar in the 55 1)will he be alright alone? i dont particularly want any tankmates for him i just want a nice single big fish on his own...i dont like the idea of tankmates ending up as food or being hassled anyway 2) will a 55 be enough for a single oscar it has 2 external filters running on it a fluval 406 and a tetratec 1200 tank is a uk 55 approx 66 us 48x16x20
  8. again i agree to a point if his set up looked bad or the fish were suffereing just to humour me walk me through it assuming his set up is perfectly healthy to me and for example i bought his tank and fish as a package then moved it all to my house(which people do off ebay and what not all the time,they buy a full running set up) how is that different to buying it and swapping his fish for some others, what is the big deal??? i genuinely dont see the point in starting again with that tank
  9. isnt that a bit extreme...ill know more saturday but the guy has been keeping fish nearly 30 years breeds them as well and his fish look really nice but like i say ill know more in a day or two its only the same as if i bought his entire healthy set up and wanted to add a fish or two of my own i wouldnt destroy the fish already there would I,i would just add to a healthy established tank and thats all i was planning on doing just without his fish there Some may disagree, but I don't feel it's extreme at all, to be honest. You don't *really* know this gentleman, nor do you know how he *really* maintained his equipment. All you really know is what he tells you, and since he's a salesman trying to sell you something, I'd take everything with a grain of salt. Breeders are not generally all associated with keeping their livestoock in super ideal conditions, and while immediately stocking a tank might be fun, and instantly gratifying...Is it worth it if all of your livestock becomes infected with a series of parasites, ick, and infections? If you were adding your fish to his display, would you do it before watching his fish for a few weeks, to make sure they didn't have anything wrong with them? It only seems extreme until you get burned, unfortunately. hes not a salesman in that sense hes just a fish guy who has got too many tanks and has his own fish house set up thats why he has no problem keeping his fish i understand you to a point,but i dont see the difference in taking his full healthy(obviously you can only go by looking, im not a vet) set up and setting it back up with his fish as to taking it and setting it up with a few new ones ,its not like im putting my entire goldfish collection in. im just starting a new tropical tank i could just buy his entire set up and have done obviously i will check what i can with his set up but if his fully stocked tank is fine..what more can you go on
  10. isnt that a bit extreme...ill know more saturday but the guy has been keeping fish nearly 30 years breeds them as well and his fish look really nice but like i say ill know more in a day or two its only the same as if i bought his entire healthy set up and wanted to add a fish or two of my own i wouldnt destroy the fish already there would I,i would just add to a healthy established tank and thats all i was planning on doing just without his fish there
  11. i think im buying a used set up from my area about 4 miles away the guy is selling the tank with a sump filter and its full of cichlids about 30...ive come to a deal on it for him to keep the cichlids(as they arent my type of fish) im going to look saturday but i think im buying a few q's 1) as he lives close what is the best way to get the set up back to mine and hopefully keep the media in the sump cycled?,is this even possible 2)ive never used a sump before but considering the big bioload it supports now,even if some bacteria are lost will it be ok to sustain a few fish i am going to introduce straight away until i add the rest of the stock i want later on. it just seems a waste if its not possible,when he lives so close to not be able to keep the tank cycled and instantly ready for my beginning stock i mean it must be doable its only technically the same as him moving house and reducing stock....isnt it lol at a push i could add some media from my cycled goldfish tank but would rather not upset the balance there if possible
  12. like i say i havent a clue really but looking at the space available its going to be more like 11ft x 4ftx3ft deep as a rough plan im going to dig an 11x 4 ft hole two feet deep then surround it with a brick wall(ill get some one who knows what they are doing for that bit ) i assume the brick wall only needs to be a bit below ground level not the whole two feet? till i start getting on with it,its hard to visualise exactly whats what but i think it will come together
  13. as the title says i have decided to build a pond roughly 8ftx4ftx3ft deep,its basically going to be a rectangle maybe 1 ft under ground and 2 above with a wall built around it i will be using this for goldfish,comets/shubunkins etc the first stock will be the 5 comets ive got in my indoor aquarium i am genuinely clueless so please be gentle 1)a pond pump pushes water to the filter and the filter goes back and breaks the surface of the water(is it that simple??) i know you can run the return through a feature to make it look nice but is this the basic water movement...and again im assuming buy an oversized pump and filter to be on the safe side 2)assuming the pond needs to be cycled and because im adding over half my own aquarium stock could i just add over half my media(i run two externals on my tank) to the pond filter and get the fish in and probably chuck a bottle of bacteria booster in as well?? then add further fish slowly over the weeks.....and i assume my own tank will be fine with the remaining media and much smaller load? 3)what about water changes/maintenance getting poo and stuff off the bottom(or does the pump do this)on a pond and if you are taking out/adding 1000s of litres of water what about dechlorinators and things? 4)WHAT HAPPENS IN WINTER IF IT GETS REALLY COLD OR FREEZES UP POSSIBLY CAN YOU CHUCK SOME SORT OF POND HEATER IN THERE OR IS GOING VERY COLD SAFE FOR THE FISH(sorry i hit caps lock:D) sorry for the basic questions but ive only just got to gripds with fishkeeping and now i want a pond
  14. mine do this in the aquarium,anytime im near they have a chomp on my arm or eat out of my hand one of my fantails likes swimming into your hand and staying there thats why i keep goldfish,so friendly and active i had a little tropical tank for a while and it was just like a bunch of insects flying around
  15. just dropped on one of these second hand and its up and running,cost me nothing so no biggie easy to prime,nice strong flow,massive media section seems good however it makes a very noticable humming noise,nothing rattles and it does its job fine but its a pretty distracting hum...sounds like someone hoovering in another room i assume this isnt normal,and can i do anything to quieten it down?
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