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  1. It was just too late... I did hp swabs, raised salt, raised the temp. but this morning ....
  2. , Anti-Bac for 10 days, dosage says 1/2 piece of it, 2 times a day, but after feeding it for a couple of days, the stench in his QT reeks, and his waste was white & stringy so I gave him smaller dosages, and I did 100% WC everyday... I can't afford to buy more antidotes, and I don't have everything I need for the surgery Cry cry cry
  3. Thank you for showing me Helen! Hmmm... I don't have those utilities.. Looks difficult but maybe it's just time-consuming. The whole time watching I felt nervous for you ! I'm going with anti- bac. When should I start it?
  4. it said, "Sorry, we couldn't find that! [#103139]You do not have permission to view this forum. Need Help? Our help documentation Contact the community administrator"
  5. What essentials do I need in order to execute the surgery, that is if I do go in that direction (I'm thinking I should) Otherwise I'll give Anti-Bac a try..
  6. I can't cut it off, No question about it ... I don't have the guts. EastCoastRanchu commented on my page, "Your fish has an obvious HITH (Hole in the Head). If it was an ordinary ulcer the antibiotic food should've healed it by now. Every fishkeeper has their own way of treating this disease that works for them. I will share my treatment of choice. I swear by it: Nitrofuracin Green from fishyfarmacy.com Metronidazole powder from angelsplus.com I use both in COMBO. Results in a matter of days. Treatment (7-10days). The meds aren't cheap. But you've invested so much on your ranchu and..." Honestly I don't know what to do. I'm not going to perform surgery, I barely try to hold my fish when necessary to prevent it from having stress. Especially now, I can't imagine how everyday its been enduring. Someone tell me the exact process I need to go through.
  7. Should I stop feeding Medi-Gold? I don't have Maracyn meds. Other than Medi-Gold, I do obtain Metro-Med, and Anti-bacterial Rx; awhile ago the LFS manager offered and recommended me this. It is kept frozen, & it is used to treat "Infections caused by bacteria, like "hole in the head", PopEye, Hexamita, Fin & Tail Rot, Septicemia, Dropsy, Ulcers, Mouth Fungus, and many others."
  8. Not good.... He's bottom sitting a lot. Today is his 9th day in QT, & it seems like the ulcer has opened/widen, and deepen.. I fed him around 21 pellets of Medi-Gold each day, I did 100% WC everyday, too. How will I know when it's healed?
  9. I did know thank you for the reasurrance And I went to big lots, purchased a 16 gallon tub that had a "sterilite" label sticker He is now in QT
  10. Uhm Alex I thought I told you I don't have a QT, both my fish are in my main tank How do I know if they are sterilite or not ? Thus, I'm going to buy one at big lots today hopefully I'm not going to use a filter, I'll do 100% WC everyday, since the bathroom is right next to me. I'll also use my second bubble wand for aeration I'll keep you guys updated
  11. I don't have a kitchen scale, I'm going to buy one in a week or so He is 4.25" including tail (Pics from DandyOrandas) Is this bin suitable? I have other bins like these 1) 2) But for those bins, there are packed with clothes and goods such as electronics, kitchen ware, and what not. Additionally, they are toppled on one another, & are in hard to reach places since I'm short . . . ............... Plus I don't think my parents would allow me to use them
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