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  1. They are adorable and so much fun to watch. My holding tank cracked last night (bad fish month in this house) so I will have to transfer them over to my 126 L by themselves. It should be fine if I move their filter with them but I wanted to finish a fishless cycle in that tank before I moved them.
  2. now that I did not know! Thank you
  3. Is that because of the darker patch on his head in the pics above? Little goldie has teeny tiny texture outlines on her head where you can just about see the start of a wen. I'm unsure of sharky.
  4. Here is a short video of my 2 young fish in my holding tank. I nicknamed them sharky and goldie until I could see their personalities. Goldie has the start of a wen forming, I think and is a very inquisitive fish. I think sharky may keep his name (though without George I may change it sniff as they are no longer crime busters of my tank) <embed width="600" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowFullscreen="true" allowNetworking="all" wmode="transparent" src="http://static.photobucket.com/player.swf" flashvars="file=http:%2F%2Fvid749.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fxx132%2Ftbunnypics%2Frandom%2FVIDEO0024.mp4">
  5. I was thinking it he (or she) was too young to call gender or breed but I'm excited. I have never had a goldfish that is such a graceful swimmer I love how he can almost form a proper "U" shape while he turns. I can't wait to get him out of the holding tank either and in to the 126L but its re-cycling still.
  6. So this is a little guy I have had for about 3 months now and I'm sure he is a mix bag of things but I'm confused. He is slender like a comet but ever so slightly rounded. He has a double forked tail with long beautiful ventral fins. I tried to capture pics of him but he is such an energetic swimmer!!!!!! So I snapped these while I fed him this morning. I don't think any of these pics show you just how beautiful and graceful he is to watch and I'm sure we don't take good pics when we are eating either
  7. Shakaho: Believe it or not that is just what my OH suggested last night. Since we bought a new external we have a spare ehiem pick up filter which could be used in our old starter tank (50L). It would mean consistently doing small water changes but it would stop me worrying about it. Dnalex: Its chloroamine. I have been very lucky that I used Prime before I moved here.
  8. Thanks fantail1 sometimes you just need someone to confirm your thoughts or bounce ideas off I like to keep my ammonia levels as low as possible as my 5yr old goldfish can not tolerate ammonia at all and shows burns at even the smallest amounts. (due to previous owners housing) Luckily my dad use to build his own aquarium tanks for showing tropical fish, unfortunately I have not learned as much from him as I should have but I do have access to old tanks when needed for QT which is good because I currently have a cycle bump in my big tank which is another reason why I wanted to check. I do daily checks on my ammonia levels, every morning. I set them up before my shower and they are done when I get out
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm new to posting on Koko's, this is my second thread. My first being an emergency as my goldfish got caught in the intake tube Anyway I wanted to check my water change prep with you guys .I recently moved to a new house and I now have 0.5 ppm ammonia in my tap water. (I know its a nightmare) I checked with both a test kit and I *finally* got through to the utility people, I was previously thought it was 0.25ppm so this leads me to my water question. I use Seachem prime as my water conditioner. I would normally use 3.5ml to treat 126L of water but now as my water contains 0.5 ppm anyway I should double this dose every time I do a water change right? Also Seachem do state that it is 5ml per 200L of 'new water' but I have always added enough Prime to treat my whole tank, do you do the same or do you just treat your new water for your water change? Also has there ever been reports of fish having any problems relating to overdosing with Prime? Other tap parameters just in case: pH: 7.8 Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate:0 ppm
  10. Thank you all so much for your help. George was a little fighter right to the end. I did my best for the little guy but it wasn't enough I also made a perforated ping pong ball cover for my intake tube of my external pump so this can never happen again.
  11. Update: George died on Tue evening. I tried to post yesterday but I was having technical issues here. Poor little guy really did try and he was such a nice looking fish before this whole incident. Thank you for all your help and research guys. xxx
  12. Hmm I have been watching him for the last 3 hours and I think hes getting worse. I think whatever he is fighting he is loosing now. He has stopped swimming and just floating now. His breathing is rapid and he is floating at a slightly bent angle. I doubt he will still be here when I get home. But I said that on sunday and here the little guy is. I really don't know. He goes through ups and downs but he hasn't eaten now since I forced him too son sun and that was a small amount. I don't think he has the energy anymore I did a water change this morning and gave him a small amount of garlic tonic.
  13. No Problem. Again if there is anything I can read / calculate for you guys please let me know. The little guy is again perky this morning. A lot more swimming than floating now but still a majority of floating It's still *really* early here and the garlic tonic should be ready now for his first little syringe full. I think due to how bad he is I would go with a syringe over garlic in the water and I'll use 1 drop as he is about 1 inch of fish. Believe it or not I am having the worst fish luck this month. My filter in my main tank has somehow stalled after being cycled (I think it has a lot to do with a certain child turning off the heater) so my fish are in my bath right now, while I'm bringing the temp back up to reduce the ammonia in there. I'm hoping I have caught it in time and that not *all* the bacteria in there are dead. sigh My attention has been on my sick fish and the ich in the QT(a newbie goldie) so I didn't notice the temp drop till I got home last night. So I'm doing 2 hour checks on my tank and fish until my lunch shift. arrrrg (yeah im going to be locking doors here)
  14. I know that garlic tonic can help with internal bacteria infections & when there is a build up of gas / swim bladder issues & encourage eating etc
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