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  1. Yeah, the AquaClear filters looked great but can't find them anywhere! I already have an Eheim filter and have been impressed with it so I may stick with the brand. Thanks for everyones help. x
  2. I am going to buy a 200 litre (52.8 US gallon, 43.9 imperial gallon) tank and was wondering if anyone has recommendations of filters to use. I have looked at aquariums on the internet that come with a filter but they all seem too small or not powerfull enough. I do like the look of these bio filters. I need something thats not too obtrusive or loud as the tank is in my living room. Thanks you.
  3. All very helpful thank you! I guess they will just get used to more frequent water changes. As was said before, it HAS to be done anyway to keep them healthy. I think they are slowly getting used to their new owner. Love the idea of feeding them afterwards as a reward, great tip! Thanks again.
  4. I have recently adopted 3 goldfish and have become obsessed with them since. I have been researching information on them endlessly on how to keep them healthy. After becoming more informed I have realized there are a lot of things wrong with the tank, mainly size (too small). I know stress can be very detrimental to their health and was wondering if water changes, even if done correctly, stresses them out? Does moving ornaments around stress them out aswel or do they 'forget' about it as I know they have a low short-term memory.
  5. Mine scratched the glass tank but realized it was because I had a minute bit of gravel stuck inbetween. The ones that float to the top of the tank when detatched are great to stop this happening.
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