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  1. Hahaha look at what is left of one of the plants Just branches left, all the leaves been nibbled off And btw I did a drop test the other day for ph, ammonia & nitrite Ph has come dowm from a 7.5 to a sort of 7.0-7.5 ish range and both ammonia and nitrite came out 0 mg/l Tetratest
  2. Omg they are so cute I feel like squealing/ screaming
  3. Thanks for all the comments lol! We all love plants in our fishes tanks haha. They can eat as many as they want imo, I bought for them lol but makes tank look cool like a forest haha. I don't think they can eat fast enough tho.its really cute watching them eat the plants. I jus gota figure out a way to feed them without pellets and foods being able to fall lost to substrate
  4. Ill keep a watch w tests lol, I want a bigger tank . I wish big enough so I can swim inside with them hahahah
  5. Ill hav to watch my ph! But I was having problem with higher than preferred ph by a lil & nitrate aboved 0- almodt 12.5mg/l (tetra drop test) (from tap) I bought these like pad things to put in filter to hold nitrate but didnt see any diff when tested water
  6. My fish, 1 bristlenose pleco, rekon hes over the moon abt all the plants and driftwood lol And 3 goldies; 2 lionhead & 1 oranda Orange lionhead around 9cm head to tail Oranda around 9ish cm head to tail & black lionhead like 2-3cm lol Puppy, poopsie & blackey Hahah
  7. ..mostly the back ** I wana get like some sort of flat rock or flat ornament type thing so I feed them pellets above it & if drops itll lay on top of flst rock / ornament so doesnt get lost in substrate & fish can still eat the fallen pellet without me worrying
  8. Lol thanks for all the comments everyone! Im not sure I heard at night plants instead do opposite and take oxygen and turn into co2? Ive seen them eating the plants and with poos so not feeding them pellets atm haha Its so funny coz I went from bare tank to a lot of ornaments to substrate with the feature driftwood w anubias on it to forest haha, the driftwood is pretty much camouflaged atm I still got 7 spare thin val if anyone in melb, aus wants I dont know how to feed them pellets with substrate! Coz my substrate is sand and im scared if pellet fall to floor they jus gona eat lots sand instead. So they been eating plants for like almost 2 weeks now... Wonder what first water change gona be like with all the plants lol My fish swimmimg all around, think they still getting use to new environment lol They sleep huddled together in an open space part I got 2 long air stones and a stromg airpump so lots oxygen bubbles & surface movement I think the thin vals make swampy type look? Lol im gona take like 5 or so out jus to give them some more open area, mostly yhe back has lots space, I think I planted more towards the front, I got like 15 thin vals in atm
  9. 190 litre/ 50 gallon tank Got a bit carried away with online shopping for aquatic plants :/ Is this too much lol? As in space to swim for fishies & lack oxygen for fishies P.s if you live in melb, aus and want any thin val let me know coz I got a bucket load leftover lol! Might take some out of tank too coz looks too much crowding
  10. Haha no problem Sorry about the typos, on my phone in the am lol (1-4am )... hope made sense lol
  11. What I noticed with mine: After getting substrate- when gently sprinkle some on the roots, about 1/3 covered And if had lights off for like 10-15 hpurs straight with around 6-8 or around 10 hrs straight of light,.. everytime when it was lights on time I noticed it'll be way bigger then when last saw it with lights on (and I think I read somewhere the plant is more nocturnal type?) I dono but seriously on a 1-3 day basis when see it lights on I will easily notice plant is wayyy bigger, either leaves grew taller or more roots. After having the banana roots gently slightly covered with substrate I noticed white chunky roots formed too (like outdoor plants in soil garden). I use Seachem Flourish plant food too, once every week after i do weekly 25% water change for my goldies Mine even made a baby too, like a leave broke off and then the end of the leaf short stem where broke off has small stringy white rootsm I looked their reproduction up, & thats how they make babies. Mature leaf break off mother plant, floats off then makes roots Hopefully the baby grows big and banana roots lol Oh and my tank is at 23 degrees celscius with heater I also use a plant anchor and gently fold it around like 3-5 of the banana roots so it stays sinking
  12. Oh and the banana plant has reached surface now! It also has lots of stringy roots & thick white roots in addition to the bannana roots & green medium thick long roots. The java fern has also a couple babies on tip off leaves too.
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