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    1 Lionhead 1 Oranda, 1 Ryukin, 3 Koi, 25 assorted commets and shubunkins, 1 golden tench.


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  1. Hey Koko!! All the fish are fine thanks one has floating issues but has been like it for years and still gets a fair share of the food!!
  2. Hey thanks for commenting!! There is one big koi and one big golden Orf! The rest is a variety of mixed commets, shubunkins, and various goldfish even ryukins, and lionheads, some are over 12 years old, others were born in there!!....I will admit it is probably overstocked but they just keep on growing!!..lol....they all survived the 5 day freeze!!! The pond is 9 feet long around 500 gallons UK!....2,500 Litres, and around 30 years old!! and still the original liner.
  3. What a difference 2 months makes!! I took the second picture today!!
  4. It's melted now!!... only lasted 3 days! all fish seem ok!!....we rarely get snow and ice in the south west of England.....they call it the English Rivera!!...lol.
  5. Lol!!...what I meant to say was ....did you clean the new gravel before putting it in the tank? I put any new gravel in a bucket and clean it under running water until it runs clear!!...this removes any dust! :-)
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum!! I hope this is not a daft question but did you clean the new gravel? You could always try fluvial clear max in your power filter! it polishes the water so good it looks as clear as gin!!!!!! .
  7. This thank used to have goldfish! but I find they do better in my pond.......it's Like dog pound!!!..lol If your fish are like dogs mine are like exotic peacocks!!!!!!! lol.
  8. Kids love to help!!!...not always the best idea! ..lol Thanks for the nice comments! I do have rainbow fish! also Congo tetras various barbs and a few catfish......the plants are Amazon swords and java fern which is just making a comeback after a disaster with algaecide!!!
  9. Lol...well THEY call it helping!!!!!!
  10. My granddaughter helped clean my 60 UK gallon tropical tank today!!
  11. So sorry for your loss Koko.
  12. Your welcome!! First unplug it!! lol then lift the plastic flap between where the pipes connect to the filter this will stop the water, then lift the pipe housing out, then you will have to carry it to a sink to clean!!........if you fill it with tank water when you refit it you won't have to prime it! just switch it back on and it should be fine!!! I put a smear of petroleum jelly around the seal before I put the lid on!!.... I hope this helps.........it sounds more complicated than it is! Lol.
  13. Hi, I have this same filter on my 60 Uk gallon tank!!...it does a fantastic job I clean it every 3 months,!!! some people will say clean it more often ..but it works for me!! :-) I clean the bio balls and ceramic pieces in a bucket of tank water and wash the sponges in tap water!! I usually change the floss for fresh each time!! you can buy huge rolls of it really cheap on flea bay!! My filter has been running for over 2 years without a problem!.. I'm sure you will be happy with it!!
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