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  1. This would be a great tattoo for me [emoji3] it's my life's philosophy Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
  2. That was cool! my goldies I got from Cynthia (grew up in a big tub in a green house with limited interaction) are now becoming much more friendly and out going with me
  3. I'm pretty sure all puffers do best in brackish, but they'll live in fresh.
  4. Motherofsharks on IG. She's got bettas too, but I follow her for her 2 puffers and her care of them! She's excellent!
  5. The puffers need brackish water and really don't do well in a community tank. They do best in a species tank. Also, they really require specific food. Very meaty foods and also needs to eat snails with shell to keep their teeth filed down. are you in Instagram? I can give you the username of a great account. This gal takes excellent care of her puffers.
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